Plano Federal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges one major factor that can influence the seriousness of the outcome you face is if you are going to be tried in state or federal court. Federal court cases usually result in much harsher penalties and sentences if you are convicted, and if you face a federal conviction you will also need a good defense lawyer that is familiar with federal law.

If you find yourself facing an allegation involving a crime that will see you in federal court in the Collin County area or Plano area then you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm  for help. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your freedom and lifestyle if you find yourself in this situation. He has two decades of experience practicing law in this area, and can put this wealth of experience to work for you to get you the outcome you desire.

If you are accused of a crime you will often find it will be dealt with in federal court if certain criteria are met. If the crime was investigated by a federal agency such as the FBI, DEA, ICE, CIA, or if it took place on federal property such as an airport, or federal building, or if it involves a government agency such as the IRS, post office, or similar you will find yourself in federal court. Also certain crimes that are covered by government legislation exclusively are also treated in this way, or if your crime crossed state lines.

More previously mentioned, federal courts in general will hand out harsher sentences than a similar crime dealt with in state court. One major reason for this is that federal court judges have to follow sentencing guidelines and minimum sentences that give them little room for leeway. Also, if you are sent to jail by a state court you will be eligible for parole after a few years in many cases, federal court sentences have abolished the parole possibility and you will serve 85% of your sentence.

This is one area where selecting your defense attorney is very important indeed. Many lawyers are not familiar with federal legislation or are equipped to deal with the more experienced and aggressive federal prosecutors.  Plano area criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby is the best person to have by your side in this situation. If you are in a federal court room with inexperienced and ineffectual representation you may find yourself getting punished for this as the federal prosecutors expose this inexperience and secure a prosecution.

In addition to all these problems the judge you will face will be a much different animal to the one you may encounter in state court. State court judges are elected, and anyone with the law license can run. Federal judges are appointed for life by the president of the United States. However, because they do not run for re-election they are less likely to make decisions based on public opinion, and this may be the one advantage you have, especially in cases that have an emotional content such as crimes related to child pornography etc.

If you are facing a criminal accusation and it is treated as a federal matter then you should talk to a defense attorney experienced with federal law at The Goolsby Law Firm . Call today to schedule a completely free initial consultation to discuss your situation. Complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.