Plano Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can be stressful for you. The legal procedures to settle criminal charges follow confusing steps. It is certain that the prosecution will find all ways to penalize you with the harshest punishment. Therefore, we urge you to find a Plano criminal defense lawyer who can defend and protect your legal rights, as soon as you are accused of a criminal offense.

The Goolsby Law Firm are highly experienced in handling criminal defense cases. Our criminal defense attorneys are familiar with every legal method that will either acquit you of the charges of reduce the consequences that you will have to deal with.

We can offer you a free initial consultation so that our criminal defense lawyers can analyze the merits of your case and assess the legal options that are available for you. Our more than eleven years of legal service gained us better understanding of the justice system in Collin County.

Most people are not aware of how a criminal defense process is done. If you are one of these people, here are steps that are followed in a criminal defense proceeding:

  1. Arraignment. This is the first step that you and your criminal defense lawyer need to attend. The criminal act that you allegedly committed will be stipulated with corresponding possible charges. You can file a “not guilty” plea during the arraignment. Your The Goolsby Law Firm lawyer will assist you in making your plea.
  1. Pre-trial Conference. During the pre-trial, you and your lawyer will meet with the prosecution. This is when negotiation happens.  Sometimes, an internal agreement between two parties is achieved. You can agree with a possible plea bargaining agreement but this step will come later after the preliminary hearing.
  1. Preliminary Hearing. The assigned judge who will handle your case will determine if the accusation against you has sufficient evidence and probable cause. However, your criminal defense lawyer will not present your case here, yet. After the preliminary hearing, a preset plea bargaining meeting will be held between the two parties. The prosecution may offer alternative sentence and fines along the legal process. You and your criminal defense lawyer have the choice to settle the case with a plea bargaining agreement.
  1. Plea Bargaining. During the plea-bargaining part of your criminal defense, you will know the consequences of the charges filed against you. This may include a sentence in jail or a possible fine to pay. It is considered as the best course of action in criminal defense. However, not all negotiation between a defendant and the prosecution can turn out well. It is always to your best interest to protect your name and be cleared of all criminal charges filed against you by retaining the services of our qualified lawyers.
  1. Actual Trial. The stage of actual trial is the most crucial part of criminal defense. Your lawyer should be aggressive, and at the same time, ethical in defending your rights in the court. He or she will present evidences against the claims of the prosecution. After a series of trials, the jury will arrive at a decision.

If you or your loved one was accused of a criminal offense in the Plano area, we invite you to call us immediately so that we cab advice you on your legal rights and determine the best actions to take to get an acquittal or reduction of sentence.