Allen Criminal Defense Lawyer

Attorney Mike Goolsby and The Goolsby Law Firm are available to defend anyone facing criminal charges throughout the Allen and the surrounding areas. As a former trial lawyer with the District attorney’s office Mike Goolsby has extensive experience of the criminal court system in this area, and will put his 20 years of experience with criminal cases at your disposal to help protect your rights and liberty.

No matter what criminal offense you have been accused of, attorney Mike Goolsby believes that you deserve access to the best defense possible. He has extensive experience defending motorists accused of driving under the influence or DWI in the Allen area. With the present zero tolerance measures being brought against this particular crime many motorists find themselves being wrongly accused.

Too often even if they believe they have been unfairly accused and badly treated many will simply plead guilty and accept the penalties. If you are stopped and accused of driving under the influence in Collin County or the Allen area, contact a DWI defense lawyer at The Goolsby Law Firm.

You will find many avenues you can take to fight this accusation. Remember even a first-time offender can face many problems and penalties including license revocation, possible jail time, probation, community service, fines, mandatory enrollment in DWI school. Even after getting their license back massive insurance premiums may place driving out of their financial reach.

We firmly believe it is the state’s responsibility to prove their case in any criminal matter. Whether facing a misdemeanor or a felony crime you should talk to Allen area defense attorney Mike Goolsby at The Goolsby Law Firm. We firmly believe you are innocent until proven guilty no matter what crime you are charged with. Assault and battery, drug charges, weapons charges, could all see you facing jail time, probation and possible loss of your employment leading to financial worries and other problems for some time into the future.

Problems associated with being a convicted felon are not something you wish to deal with. Your ability to hold certain professional licenses, the possibility of renting property, holding employment, and many other consequences can make day-to-day existence problematic. Specific crimes require specific experience from your attorney. With his extensive experience in many areas of law attorney Mike Goolsby can defend you effectively.

If you’re facing an accusation relating to a sex crime in the Allen area then sensitive handling of court procedure and publicity associated with this emotive subject is essential. Even an unproven allegation can ruin lives and have long-term repercussions. A conviction in this type of crime will require mandatory registration as a sex offender. An aggressive defense is essential, as well as technological investigation and forensic analysis of evidence gathered.

If you call The Goolsby Law Firm you can be assured of an effective and personalized defense. Attorney Mike Goolsby has more trial experience than any other practicing lawyer in the area, and handles every case personally. Communication is essential, and you can be assured that you will be kept up-to-date with the progress of your case. He will examine every avenue possible to successfully defend you against whatever charge you may find yourself facing. He offers a free initial consultation, call today discretion is assured.