Plano Burglary of Building Lawyer

If you are facing charges of burglary of habitation or a building, then, you are definitely in trouble. The best way to deal with your charges is to find an experienced lawyer who experience in dealing with burglary cases. We recommend that you call the Plano area attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm immediately. Our lawyers can advise you on your legal options and provide aggressive representation in court.

What is burglary of building and habitation?

Burglary is committed when you break and enter into a building or a property with the intention of committing a crime. Most burglary cases were planned, though, there are cases where burglars just took advantage of an open door, open window, or open lawn of a house, then, commit a felony.

Penalty in Burglary of Building and Habitation

Penalty varies based on the severity of the crime committed. The higher the damage done, the more severe the fines and penalties are. A burglary of habitation is considered as second-degree felony. It has implications that are more serious that burglary of building which is considered as state jail felony. The penalty for burglary of a building is 180 days to two years of jail imprisonment. On the other hand, burglary of habitation entails two to 20 years of imprisonment and $10,000 fine.

Why hire a burglary lawyer?

Burglary of building and habitation cases can affect your career and education opportunities in the future, if you are convicted of the charges. Therefore, it is to your best interest to hire an experienced burglary lawyer who can protect your legal rights. The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby has defended people who were accused of burglary of building and habitation in Plano and other areas of Collin County.

By retaining the services of The Goolsby Law Firm, you are assured that you are taking the right steps to bringing a better outcome for your case. Definitely, the prosecution will find evidences and raise arguments to seek the most severe punishment against you. However, our experienced lawyers know of the tactics that the prosecution may use and make a counter argument immediately. We will commit to your case personally and stay by your side through all stages of the legal process.

Our burglary defense lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm always understand the confusion and pressure of the criminal charges against our clients. We have dealt successfully with burglary cases and defended the rights our clients at the same time. We suggest that you call our office for a free legal consultation. This way, our defense lawyers can assess your situation, whether there is a case or not, and advise you on the next steps that need to be taken in order to build a compelling defense for your case. We can assure you that our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with burglary cases. The Goolsby Law Firm handles cases in Plano and throughout the entire Collin County area.