McKinney Suspended License Attorney

Driving on a suspended license in the state of Texas is considered to be a misdemeanor. Generally, license is a privilege conferred only those who are qualified and fit to demonstrate safe and lawful driving.  At the same time, authorities of the state can suspend the driver’s license of a person for a period of time if he or she has committed certain criminal offenses.

Driving with a suspended license is risky and being caught by the authorities will only make the situation worse. If you happen to be caught by the local authorities, the law firm of Atty. Mike Goolsby can help in protecting your rights in court. Please contact us for legal advice and consultation. Our skilled and experienced legal experts will diligently work on your behalf to regain your driving privileges back.

Complication arises when you are charged with driving on a suspended license if the police stopped you and a computer check of your license turns up the suspension. It is immaterial whether you knew about the suspension or not. As a result, you may be arrested and charged with an offense and at the same asked to appear in court. We strongly recommend that you contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm, for legal representation. We will help you improve your situation. Our lawyers are experienced and have already dealt with numerous cases dealing with driving on a suspended license all over North Texas.

There are various reasons why your Texas driver’s license may be suspended by the state. Among them are:

  1. Automatic Suspension – for person who is convicted of criminal negligent homicide involving a vehicle, fleeing or eluding authorizes, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries or death, or DWI
  2. Habitual Traffic suspension – for a person who is convicted of four or more violations such as speeding in one year or seven or more violations within 2 years
  3. Serious accident suspension – if you are found responsible for a crash that resulted in serious injuries or death to another person.
  4. Other causes of suspension – these include drug possession, charges of criminal mischief offenses, failure to pay child support, and improper insurance on your own car.

Compared to other states, Texas imposes lenient penalties for driving on a suspended license. The law imposed on the first offense will not land the driver on jail but will pay stiffer fines and experience longer suspension.  However, penalties become higher when the offense is repeated. Fines ranging in the amount of $100-$500 and/or 72 hours-6 months jail time can be imposed.

The remedy to be able to acquire your driving privileges back is to apply for reinstatement. After the lapse of your suspension period, if you are planning to apply for reinstatement of your license, The Goolsby Law Firm can assist you in obtaining successfully your license back. Our lawyers are already familiar with the procedure of reinstatement of driver’s license. We will help you comply with the application procedures by filing the necessary paper works, up to the payment of traffic fees or dues, at the same assisting you in the completion of car insurance forms, and all other supporting documents until you can reacquire your full right to drive again.