Irving Resisting Arrest Lawyer

The charge of resisting arrest will often be in addition to another criminal accusation against you, as the very fact you were being arrested in the first place means you are already being accused in some criminal matter. Often, the natural response when faced with the prospect of being placed under arrest is to attempt to stop this happening, if you are not careful however or used to much force you could find yourself being charged with resisting arrest. This can often be used in addition to other evidence against you to secure a conviction in the court room, and for that reason should be treated with the utmost importance.

If you have been charged with resisting arrest in the Irving or Dallas area, and also with another criminal charge in tandem with it, contact The Goolsby Law Firm for help immediately. Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby is familiar with the charge of resisting arrest, and with all possible defenses against it. Resisting arrest can often be a sign of police misconduct or to the use of excessive force when they take you into custody. These possible police misconduct and misuse of force issues will be closely investigated, and used to defend you against these types of charges.

To prove their case the state must show that during the process of arrest you used physical force to prevent the police officers from performing their duties. This can include struggling when they attempt to place handcuffs on you preventing or making it difficult for them to do so, lashing out violently try and stop yourself being placed in a police cell or a police car, and other actions. The act of resisting arrest entrails physical force being made against the arresting officer and for that reason can sometimes be charged as an assault.

You are entitled to have your attorney present any time you are questioned by the police, do not rely on an overworked public defender with a massive caseload. Attorney Mike Goolsby can handle the interview process, and often with careful negotiation, mean the difference between the levels of charges that are placed against you, or sometimes if charges are even brought in the first place. Protect your liberty and lifestyle and make sure you have good representation in place when you are accused of resisting arrest.

An accusation is never the end of the road, there are always many defenses you can make against the charges you face. The state must be made to prove any allegation against you, and in matters of resisting arrest this proof can often be tricky, as it will have to be shown that actual physical force was used to stop the police officers on performing their duties and placing you under arrest. Items that can be shown to prove this allegation include struggling against being placed in handcuffs, lashing out violently, physically attempting to prevent yourself being placed in the police car or holding cell, and other similar actions. As physical force and violence has to be shown to have been used to make this charge of resisting arrest valid, there may also be a charge against you of assaulting the police officer concerned.

No matter how serious or trivial you believe this charge to be, resisting arrest can be problematic, and can lead to a more severe sentence being attached to another charge you are accused of. When facing resisting arrest charges or indeed any criminal accusation in the Irving or Dallas area contact The Goolsby Law Firm and attorney Mike Goolsby for a free consultation at your earliest opportunity. Mike Goolsby will work tirelessly to protect your rights, and prove your innocence, and firmly believes the state should be made to prove any accusation to the fullest extent possible that it makes against you. Call today confidentiality is assured.