Irving Fraud Attorney

If you have been charged with fraud in Irving, the legal penalties you could be facing, will be varied and depend very much on the specifics of your case. The basic definition of the crime of fraud is if you intentionally deceive someone, or some entity, to make personal gain or to cause damage to another individual.

In the Irving or Dallas area contact The Goolsby Law Firm immediately if you are facing an allegation of fraud against you. Attorney Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience defending people accused of a criminal matter in this area. He is a former trial attorney with the District attorney’s office, and so has insider knowledge of how the criminal court system works, and more experience in criminal defense than any other practicing defense attorney in the region.

The unique thing about any accusations of fraud is that the state will be required to provide proof, which will most likely entail extremely detailed evidence gathering and extensive investigation, coupled with expert support. Often in a fraud case there will be a great amount of paperwork that will be used to build the state’s case against you. Attorney Mike Goolsby can review this evidence and paperwork, and other matters that are being gathered by the state to secure a conviction against you. With careful evaluation we can often challenge much of this evidence, to assist you to fight and defend yourself in a fraud allegation.

If the state believes you are guilty of fraud then the severity of the charges you face could depend very much on the actions of your defense attorney. There is likely to be a large amount of evidence that has been collected. By conducting our own investigation and laying out the facts as we see them, we can often successfully defend or reduce the charges against you, using our considerable experience and knowledge we understand how the state will try to present the proof and can often use legal measures to limit the damage caused.

Fraud has a very wide ranging variation in the different types that you could be charged with. Depending on the specific case you will need an expert attorney that can fully investigate and defend you vigorously. If you deliberately attempted to deceive someone and that deception brought you personal gain then you may find yourself facing a charge of fraud. Some of the more common categories that may be seen are relating to, prescription fraud, passing bad checks, making false insurance claims, welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, to name just a few.

An accusation against you is never the end of the road, and with fraud in particular careful investigation and review of evidence and other matters can often mean that this charge can be successfully defended against. Aspects such as the amount of money involved, and other aspects, if successfully challenged can mean you facing lesser charges in many instances.

We firmly believe that it is up to the state to fully prove the allegations they make against you, and will defend you vigorously at every opportunity and using every measure open to us. If you are facing fraud charges in the Irving and Dallas area call The Goolsby Law Firm today, discretion assured at all times.