Fort Worth Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you committed a sex crime in the state of Texas, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you really committed the offense. The available legal defenses that you can use greatly vary, depending on the nature of the crime but it can include insufficient evidence, consent or innocence. The degree of criminal responsibility that you may have can be affected by factors such as the surrounding circumstances, your intention and state of mind. A criminal defense lawyer can make sure that the prosecution does not ignore the evidence that is in your favor.

If you are accused of a sex offense in the state of Texas, we urge you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm as soon as you can. We will collect evidence to support your legal defense that can include those that demonstrate the supposed victim has a motive to hide the truth or history of lying; the tendency to make fantasies, form false memories or mental state of the victim; psychological and medical opinions and evidence and other indications that that you are in fact guilty of a less serious offense or completely innocent of the sex offense charged against you. Thus, contacting us at The Goolsby Law Firm right away is essential to your defense.

The legal and natural social consequences of a conviction for a sex crime can be very daunting and harsh, which could affect your whole life. Punishments and other negative repercussions can include internet posting, ostracism, social stigma, registration as a sex offender, parole, probation and imprisonment that could be for life. In addition, you can also incur huge fees and costs, loss your voting privileges, go under a community supervision, be confined to your home or monitored electronically, restricted from going into military service, have your right to own a gun limited, pay restitution and do polygraphs, go into substance abuse or psychological treatment or counseling and loss your adoption and parental rights.

Given the abovementioned negative consequences of a sex crime conviction, the services of an aggressive and resourceful criminal defense lawyer from The Goolsby Law Firm is very important to the successful conclusion of your case. As a former Assistant District Attorney for Fort Worth County, Attorney Mike Goolsby has the necessary skill and training that will come handy in investigating and evaluating sex related charges in Texas. His extensive experience as an assistant district attorney and as a criminal defense lawyer allows Mr. Goolsby to advise you competently on your best legal options. If there should be a jury trial, Attorney Mike Goolsby is always ready to defend your rights and provide aggressive representation in court.

If you or a member of your family has been arrested and charged with a sex crime in the state of Texas, contact our office right away. The Goolsby Law Firm provides a free initial consultation that will allow us to know more about the circumstances of your case, and advise you on the best legal options to take.