Fort Worth Interfering with Emergency Call Lawyer

Interfering with an emergency call is a very serious offense, and specifically relates to physically preventing someone making a call for assistance or damaging telephone equipment that could be used for such a purpose. If you are charged with interfering with an emergency call you will be facing a class A misdemeanor, and this level of crime can result in extremely serious repercussions.

The law states it is a criminal offense to make a phone unusable if it could be used to call for assistance from medical agencies, the police, or any other organization that may be responsible for public safety. For purposes of the law an emergency is described as any incident that results in a person being in fear of potential assault, or when a property is exposed to the possibility of damage or destruction.

If you have been accused of interfering with the emergency call in the North Texas or Fort Worth area then The Goolsby Law Firm can assist you in offering a defense against this charge. Mike Goolsby is a prior trial attorney with the District attorney’s office, and has two decades of experience protecting the rights of people in this area. He has extensive criminal trial experience in both defense and prosecution, and will put this knowledge and expertise to work for you in any criminal matter you find yourself facing.

A class A misdemeanor is no laughing matter, you could be facing two years of probation or time in jail and fines of up to $4000. If convicted, this type of charge on your record will have many repercussions in your day-to-day life long after you have served your sentence. You will be prevented from gun ownership, holding some professional licenses, gaining employment, renting property, getting credit, and you will have a criminal record that is available for people to view, including potential employers and business partners.

In any criminal matter like interfering with an emergency call, Mike Goolsby believes the state must be made to prove its case the fullest extent of the law. In this type of case proof and evidence can often be tricky, and there are many options for your defense, all these will be fully investigated to help get you the outcome you require and protect your freedom and rights. Specifically, in these types of cases it must be shown by the state that you interfered with someone trying to make a 911 call, and that you did this knowingly. It has to be shown that you made threats, or in some way physically prevented them from doing the task of calling for help, or even attempted or caused bodily harm to them. All of these points can often be difficult for the prosecution to demonstrate proof of.

If you find yourself facing an accusation of interfering with an emergency call in the North Texas or Fort Worth area, the fact that you have been accused is not the end of the road there are many possible defenses against this type of charge. Call Goolsby law firm to investigate all possibilities open to you. Call for a free consultation today where you can discuss your case, and a possible path that your defense can take, our complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.