Arlington Interfering with Emergency Call Lawyer

If you are charged with interfering with emergency call, do not underestimate the seriousness of your situation. This charge relates to preventing another person from placing an emergency call, this can involve a physical obstruction or if the telephone equipment is deliberately damaged preventing it being used to call for help. Interfering with emergency calls is usually charged as a class A misdemeanor, and this level of charge can lead to you facing penalties that can be quite life altering.

If you are accused of interfering with emergency call in North Texas or Arlington area you should get in touch with The Goolsby Law Firm for help to defend yourself against this accusation. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience, and as a former trial attorney with the  district attorney’s office, knows exactly how the criminal trial system works in this area. He will put this extensive knowledge and experience to work for you to defend you if you face this type of situation.

A class A misdemeanor is no laughing matter, you could be facing two years of probation or time in jail and fines of up to $4000. If convicted, this type of charge on your record will have many repercussions in your day-to-day life long after you have served your sentence. You will be prevented from gun ownership, holding some professional licenses, gaining employment, renting property, getting credit, and you will have a criminal record that is available for people to view, including potential employers and business partners.

An allegation is never the end of the road, criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby firmly believes that the state must be made to prove any allegation it makes against you to the fullest extent possible. This charge in particular can be very tricky to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Many options can be used to defend yourself against this type of accusation. It has to be shown that you knowingly interfered with the person attempting to place a 911 emergency call, examples of this are threatening then in some way, physically preventing them, or attempting bodily harm, and all of these can often be problematic for prosecution attorneys to demonstrate successfully.

If you are facing an allegation that you interfered with emergency call in North Texas or Arlington area then you should call The Goolsby Law Firm as quickly as possible. Remember it is your right to have your attorney present if you are questioned by the police, do not put your future liberty in the hands of an overworked public defender, often with an experienced criminal defense attorney like Mike Goolsby by your side during this time you can get the charges against you reduced in severity or in certain circumstances dismissed entirely.

In any criminal matter at The Goolsby Law Firm attorney Mike Goolsby firmly believes the state must be made to prove its case to the fullest extent possible. If you have been charged with interfering with emergency call in North Texas or Arlington area then he is the best person to call for help. Unlike many other law firms attorney Mike Goolsby accepts full responsibility for all clients his firm takes on, this means you will never be passed on to an assistant or another attorney, and will be kept informed at all times of the exact stage your case is at, as well as any legal options that are open to you. Call today to arrange a completely free initial consultation to discuss your situation, complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.