Arlington Fraud Attorney

If you are charged with fraud in Texas then the consequences and penalties you will face will depend on many variables. The crime of fraud can cover many different areas, but the general definition is intentionally aiming to deceive to make personal gain or to cause damage to some other individual in some way.

In North Texas or Arlington area contact The Goolsby Law Firm immediately if you are facing an allegation of fraud against you. Attorney Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience defending people accused of a criminal matter in this area. He is a former trial attorney with the  district attorney’s office, and so has insider knowledge of how the criminal court system works, and more experience in criminal defense than any other practicing defense attorney in the region.

Fraud is unique in that it requires the state to provide proof which will often entail detailed evidence gathering and investigation, expert support, and a large amount of paperwork to build their case against you. Mike Goolsby can look through all this evidence and investigate ways to challenge it, or counter it, to defend you against any type of fraud allegation.

Fraud is a crime that will require extensive evidence, and specialist expert testimony, for the state to prove its allegations against you. It is often possible to successfully challenge much of this evidence and expert witness support, successfully achieving this can lead to the charges against you being reduced or dismissed entirely. If you are questioned by the police you are entitled to have your attorney present, you should make sure you have a criminal defense lawyer with the level of expertise and knowledge that Mike Goolsby has by your side at this time. Do not put your future in the hands of an overworked public defender. Good representation at this stage of the proceedings can often mean the difference between a felony charge, misdemeanor charge, or sometimes even if charges are filed the first place.

Many different types of fraud exist, and the way your defense is built and the consequences you may face depend very much on what type of fraud and how serious the alleged offense is. Some of the more common types include (but are not limited to) prescription fraud, passing bad checks, false insurance claims, food stamp fraud, welfare fraud, to name a few.

Any criminal accusation against you should be countered with a strong defense. Just because you face an accusation this is not the end of the road by any means. By carefully reviewing the evidence collected against you, and details of the allegation you face, criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby will strive tirelessly to build the strongest possible defense for you. If you are facing a fraud accusation in North Texas or Arlington area then you should call The Goolsby Law Firm today and schedule a completely free initial consultation. As Mike Goolsby takes personal responsibility for every client his firm takes on, you will never be passed on to an assistant or another lawyer, and will be kept informed at all times of the exact stage that case is at. Talk to us today in complete confidence, confidentiality is assured at all times.