Allen Evading Arrest Lawyer

If you are being arrested for any reason, and you are aware of the fact, if you then try to escape you may be charged with evading arrest. Evading arrest means that you deliberately make an effort to flee from an individual that you realize to be a law enforcement official that’s attempting to arrest you. You could also be charged with this offense if you attempt to get away from police officers after your arrest in some fashion. An allegation of evading arrest will rarely be the sole charge you face, and may almost certainly be included in another criminal charge against you.

If you have been charged with evading arrest there are many defenses you can make. Contact The Goolsby Law Firm to discuss your case, attorney Mike Goolsby has 20 years experience practicing law and defending people accused of criminal offenses in the Allen and Dallas area. As a prior trial attorney with the District attorney’s office he has a wealth of criminal trial experience, and knows how the system works in this area better than any other practicing defense attorney.

The seriousness of the other charges can be reduced if you can somehow defend yourself against the evading arrest accusation. Luckily there are many defenses you can make against this specific charge and The Goolsby Law Firm can help you with defenses against the charge of evading arrest. Include if the attempted arrest was not lawful in some way, matters of the legality of your arrest will be looked into and used to get cases dismissed if discrepancies are found. Another legal recourse is if you were driving and did not realize you were being followed, and failed to pull over when a police car turned on its lights and requested that you stop.

Evading arrest can be treated as a felony or misdemeanor dependent upon the circumstances which existed at that time. Generally in most instances where the attempt to escape was on foot it will be a class B misdemeanor. In situations where the attempt to get away was using a car or truck then this will most of the time be charged as a felony. Regardless of the charge against you should offer a strong defense. At The Goolsby Law Firm we believe that the state must be made to prove any allegations against you to the fullest extent of the law. An allegation is not the end of the road and every option in your defense will be looked into and used to help you in this matter.

The results of any criminal conviction will always be serious. The charge of evading arrest may be simply part of another criminal matter against you, this charge will make the penalties you face more severe. You may well be looking at jail time, community service, probation, fines, and other consequences. Even when your sentence is completed you will still face severe effects on your lifestyle from the criminal record you hold. It may prevent you from getting certain employment, educational opportunities, renting property, holding professional licenses, getting a license to own a gun, getting finance, and will be a matter of public record that can be looked at by any potential employers or business partners. As you can see it can affect your life in a very negative way.

If you’ve been arrested on a criminal matter in the Dallas or Allen area, and are facing a charge of evading arrest, then The Goolsby Law Firm can help you. Call today to arrange a completely free initial consultation to discuss your case and defenses that you can offer. Complete confidentiality and discretion is assured at all times.