Drunk Driving Arrest in Texas?

Dallas DWI Lawyer Can Strengthen Your Defense

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Anybody can be pulled over by the police and charged with driving while intoxicated. Even a small error can have long-term consequences that go even beyond a prison term or probationary term. If convicted, you can face severe limitations to your freedom and liberties. For example, you can become ineligible for certain licenses, food share, gun ownership and education grants. In some cases, you can still face a reckless driving charge if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is below 0.08 percent. For this reason, contact a Dallas DWI lawyer as soon as possible. A Dallas DWI attorney can scrutinize evidence, analyze reports and work to dismiss or reduce charges against you.

At The Goolsby Law Firm in Dallas, we believe in defending people accused of DWI. Ultimately, our goal is to find errors that can lead to immediate defense options. However, if necessary, we can negotiate with prosecutors. We can also help you through the Administrative License Revocation or ALR hearing. As a result, you can have a stronger chance of keeping your driver’s license whenever possible. If you have questions to ask a DWI lawyer, our Dallas criminal defense firm has answers.

What Are the Texas Driving While Intoxicated Laws?

Being charged with driving while intoxicated implies that you have some kind of command or control over your vehicle. Thus, your guilt or innocence can depend on whether or not you were really “driving” in a given situation. What if you were sitting in the driver’s seat but the engine was off? Alternatively, how do the laws apply if you were sleeping? Or if the car could not be started because it ran out of fuel? Our Texas DWI defense lawyers can examine the details and can use the law to mitigate your risk of conviction.

Courts all over the United States consider a range of circumstances to determine necessary control of a vehicle. For this reason, the result depends on the laws of the state and on your particular situation. Our Dallas lawyer can examine if any errors were made during your arrest. For example, was the stop made by the police legal? Were the field sobriety tests properly administered and accurate? It is the responsibility of law enforcement to ensure that the formal testing and arrest process was followed.

What Is the Legal Limit for Driving Under the Influence?

A method that is used by the prosecution in proving that you were driving while intoxicated is testing. These tests are usually done by machines that analyze your blood or breath for alcohol content. In the state of Texas, the legal limit is .08 BAC. Anything beyond it is considered illegal for driving. The law on implied consent gives a legal presumption that if you were given the privilege to drive. Since this is the case, you consent to a state-administered testing for alcohol automatically.

If you refuse to take such test, your license can be suspended or revoked. If the test determines that your blood alcohol level is beyond the legal limit it is usually presumed that you were driving while intoxicated. However, our Dallas DWI lawyer can challenge whether the results were conclusive. For example, we can present irregularities in the administration of the test or defects in the testing equipment. In addition, we may ask for a retesting of your breath sample. Thus, we may be able to exclude the original test results from the case or have your case dismissed.

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Do you think your rights have been violated during your arrest? Have questions about how to build a reliable defense? Are you concerned about how much does a DWI lawyer cost? Unfortunately, without legal representation, you can face serious consequences for a DWI conviction. Do not gamble with your future by taking the path of least resistance by settling for a public defender. Contact a Dallas DWI lawyer who has the experience and resources necessary to protect your interests.

At The Goolsby Law Firm, we have been defending the accused from drunk driving charges for years. Anytime you have been charged with driving while intoxicated, call our Dallas DWI lawyers. We can provide you with an experienced and effective criminal defense. If you are concerned about costs, our firm can help. We offer a free initial consultation to review the details of the allegations against you. At no cost to you, we can let you know if and how we can help. To schedule your free consultation, contact our firm online or call (972) 39402141 today.