Arrested for a White Collar Crime?

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Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense LawyerMany people have heard of white collar crimes. However, most individuals are unsure what actions are included in this category of criminal allegations. As a result, contractors, employees, business entities and non-profits are sometimes unprepared to defend themselves against criminal charges. Convictions can result in fines, jail time and/or other penalties. Moreover, if convicted, you may find it difficult to find future employment. Even unfounded allegations of fraud, bribery or other white collar crimes can hurt your reputation. Therefore, if you are under investigation or face charges, then contact a Dallas white collar criminal defense lawyer to help you mitigate the risks.

Our Dallas attorney at The Goolsby Law Firm is a former Assistant District Attorney. As a result, he has an inside understanding of state and federal court systems. Our lawyers have experience representing corporations and entities across multiple industries. If you believe you are under investigation for a white collar crime, then we can use crisis management strategies to fight these allegations. Alternatively, if you have been arrested, then we can aggressively defend you against the charges you face. Our fraud attorney can work to achieve your goals while allocating resources in a time and cost-efficient manner.

What Are White Collar Crimes?

Generally, white collar crimes involve a violation of trust. If you face white collar criminal allegations, then the odds are that they involve the use of deceit or concealment as a means to commit theft of financial assets. Additionally, white collar crimes are almost always non-violent. Since these crimes present unique challenges, you should contact a fraud attorney as soon as possible if you suspect that you are under investigation.

A Dallas white collar criminal defense lawyer can review your chargers and identify if the allegations fit the category. However, some common examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Extortion: This is giving, receiving, using or offering services, money or assets in exchange for a favorable outcome is illegal. As a result, attempting to influence an act by bribing a public or powerful official can result in jail time.
  • Laundering: If you illegally obtain and conceal money, then you can face severe money laundering allegations. Usually, this involves funds hidden from fraud, tax evasion, insider trading, drug sales or gambling.
  • Tax Evasion: Unfortunately, tax evasion can happen unknowingly. Unintentionally underpaying taxes, or filing incorrect deductions and incomplete tax forms can result in a white collar investigation.
  • Internet Crimes: Everyone has heard, read or experienced internet fraud. As a rule, these allegations involve phishing scams, cyberstalking, hacking and identity theft.
  • Insider Trading: Generally, obtaining private information and using it to trade stock is against the law. However, for you to be convicted, it must be proven you sold securities while holding private information.

Why Do I Need a Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Unfortunately, most people assume they will not face jail time if convicted of a white collar crime. However, if convicted, the possible punishments include restitution, probation, property forfeiture, community service and imprisonment. Ultimately, white collar crimes have varying degrees of severity. Therefore, if you have discovered you are under investigation or have been arrested, contact a fraud attorney. A professional case review is the best way to mitigate risk in the allegations against you. However, our Dallas white collar criminal defense lawyer may use a defense that involves:

  • Coercion: Having a boss, peer or powerful entity pressure you to commit an act is against the law. Generally, a duress defense can be successful if it can be proven the alleged act is not something you would normally do.
  • Incapability: A temporary or permanent injury, illness or drugs may have prevented you from making a rational decision. Additionally, for some crimes, you may be able to use intoxication as a defense. This can be viable even if you were voluntarily intoxicated.
  • Entrapment: As a rule, entrapment is a common defense for white color crimes. Usually, entrapment occurs when a government or individual intentionally create the opportunity for you to commit a crime. If you would not have committed the act otherwise, then you have been the victim of entrapment.

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Do you believe a boss or other entity has coerced you into committing an illegal act that is against your character? Have concerns that you may be under investigation for a white collar crime? Confused about the changing landscape of federal and state white collar criminal law? As a rule, white collar crimes demand a lawyer with a broad skillset. Thus, the longer you wait, the more evidence can be used against you. Therefore, you should contact a reliable and experienced Dallas white collar crimes attorney.

At The Goolsby Law Firm, we know how serious white collar criminal allegations can be. Therefore, we believe you deserve a strong legal team fighting for your rights. We understand that sometimes hardworking people find themselves in difficult situations. If you are under investigation or have been arrested, contact our Dallas attorney. In a free consultation, we can review the details of your situation. Contact us online or call our main office at 972-394-2141. Offices conveniently located in Dallas, Plano and Denton.