Is Violating a Protective Order a Criminal Offense?

What does it mean to violate a protective order? Is it a criminal offense if a protective order is violated? You can go to jail for violating a protective order and definitely want to hire a lawyer if you find yourself in that position. Attorney Mike Goolsby explains in this video how you can violate your protection order. He wants you to know what steps you can take if you are found in violation of your protective order.

Video Transcription:

We do defend against protective orders and the reason being is if there’s not one needed we don’t want there to be, because it can be restrictive in certain areas in certain times. It’s usually going to be, being a certain distance away from a person, maybe their place of business, or the place that they work, and phone calls now. Typically it doesn’t list all phone calls but for threatening or harassing phone calls, and that’s just to protect the person who is listed as, you know, the complaining witness or I guess a petitioner in a protective order. Violation of any protective order, of course it is civil, is a criminal offense and you could go to jail for that. You violated your protective order you definitely want to hire a lawyer, here’s why; in so many of these cases what the issue is, is the person’s already scared of you. And a lot of times you’re already out on bond or something of that nature, and so it can be a violation of bond and a violation of protective order, which means you end up in jail and there may not even be a bond set on this case. And so that could be a big issue. To speak to a lawyer call us at the Goolsby law firm. Our telephone number’s (972) 394-2141, we’ll get you in for a free consultation.

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