Have You Been Accused of Assault and Family Violence?

Having an assault charge against you can have very negative consequences. It can affect future job prospects, possibly jeopardizing interviews and hiring processes. It’s important to have an attorney who understand this and the steps needed to protect you if you are accused of assault. Watch as criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby explains the different types of assault charges and why it’s important to hire an attorney who won’t just plead to those types of cases.

Video Transcription:

Assault in family violence cases have become huge here in the Dallas area. If the police are called out to your house and there’s allegation of family violence, somebody’s going to jail. And the problem with these family violence cases is some lawyers will just plead to these cases, and what they don’t understand is, is that if it ever happens again it’s automatically a felony. There’s different levels of offenses; there’s Class C tickets which could be, you touch somebody and it doesn’t actually hurt at all but it was offensive touching. The second thing is you can have a more serious offense which means you touch somebody, you slap somebody, you hit somebody and it causes pain. And then from there it gets into other areas and it goes into the felony range as well. And these cases are the absolute worst things for your record. And again the reason why they’re so bad is that because people view you as crazy. When you go to apply for a job they don’t see you as a nice person that, they see you as someone who is crazy and who might flip out and attack somebody. And, you know, they don’t understand. And so it’s very important not to plea a family violence case or an assault case. To speak to a lawyer call us at the Goolsby law firm. Our telephone number is (972) 394-2141. We’ll get you in for a free consultation.

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