What Should I Do If I’m Arrested for Street Racing?

Arrested for Street RacingIf you were anywhere near the 8400 block of Eastpoint Drive in Dallas recently, you might have wondered if you had wandered onto the set of the latest Fast & Furious movie. That is because earlier this month, five people were arrested for street racing in that area. Per CBS DFW, in addition to the five people who were arrested, a sixth person was arrested in connection to the series of street races, because of outstanding warrants.

Reportedly, the street races had been an ongoing issue, with nearby residents complaining about the large crowds the events would draw on Mondays and Saturdays. Police found a way to view the races firsthand and identify the alleged ringleaders. In addition to those arrested for street racing, police seized nine vehicles that were allegedly used during the illegal activity.

Why Do Drivers Participate in Illegal Street Races?

In 2015, Fox 26 reported on the underground world of Houston street racing. In addition, to profiling the illegal world of street racing, the story covers legal tracks where drivers can go race. However, it points out that wait times at the tracks can often lead to drivers paying and waiting for hours before they can get on the track and race. In some cases, drivers may not even get a chance to race if the wait time is too long. Therefore, many drivers choose to street race as an alternative.

Could I Lose My Car Just for Watching a Street Race?

Per a Los Angeles Times article on LA’s illegal street racing problem, one combatant to the issue in Los Angeles has been allowing police to arrest spectators at illegal street races. However, a councilman in Los Angeles wants the city to go further and impound the vehicles of people who show up to watch illegal street races.

What Happens If I’m Arrested for Street Racing?

If arrested for street racing in Texas, drivers can be charged with a class B misdemeanor. If found guilty, drivers will be fined up to $2,000 and could spend 180 days in jail. In addition, if convicted of street racing, drivers will have their license suspended and will not be able to have their license reinstated until they complete 10 hours of community service. If drivers are arrested for street racing a second time, they can be fined up to $10,000 and spend from 2 to 20 years in prison.

Do you think illegal street racing is a big problem in the Dallas area? If so, what do you believe law enforcement and lawmakers should do to solve the issue?


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