Why Am I Being Charged for Gun Possession? Isn’t Texas an Open Carry State?

judgegavelincourtwithgunAs of January 1, 2016, Texas is an open-carry state. Texas has a reputation for fairly lax gun laws, but that doesn’t mean that you can just walk around with a gun on display. There are a variety of crimes you can be charged with if you have a gun, including illegal possession or carry, improper discharge or using a gun in the commission of a crime.

Open-Carry in Texas

Many Texans take the term open-carry for granted, without realizing that you cannot open-carry unless you have a license to carry a handgun. There are very limited circumstances where you are allowed to openly carry a handgun without a license. For example, you are legally allowed to carry a weapon to your car to transport it, as well as when you are at a place you control such as your home or your place of business.

If you are caught carrying a weapon illegally, you will be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, unless you are carrying in a school, a polling place during an election, a court, a racetrack or anywhere that is licensed to sell alcohol. Illegal possession in those places elevates the crime to a third-degree felony. Additionally, even if you do have a license to carry, you are still not legally allowed to carry in churches, hospitals, amusement parks, sporting events or government meetings.

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