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What Kinds of Protection Orders Can Be Filed Against Me in Texas?

Criminal Court

Texas, like other states, has protective orders that are intended to protect people from abusive partners or any others who are causing harm or threatening to cause harm. A protective order is also known as a restraining order, and it helps to prevent anyone that is listed in the order from continuing verbal or physical contact with the party who got the order. If a protective order has been ordered against you, you should know…
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Most Common Crimes During the Holiday Season

Traffic Violation

It’s not uncommon for crime to spike during the holiday season. Here are four of the most common types of crimes that occur around the holidays and some advice for what to do if you are arrested for any of them. Shoplifting and pickpocketing. As shoppers descend on stores for sales and holiday gifts, these two theft crimes often spike. Burglary of vehicles often spikes for similar reasons as shoplifting and pickpocketing. People often leave…
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Can the City Put a Placard on My Door Due to Habitual Criminal Activity?

Possession of Marijuana

Are Dallas police able to mark your home or business to warn others that habitual crime takes place there? A newly proposed ordinance would allow it. The ordinance is part of a set of changes the Dallas Police Department is pushing to help better combat crime in problem areas. The process is called nuisance abatement, and would work something like this: If five abatable crimes – thinks like trespassing, prostitution, gambling, drug transactions, arson or…
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