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My Child Received a DWI or DUIA, What Do I Do Next?

Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Avoid Jail Time

Summer is officially in full swing, which means that children are out of school on summer vacation. Teenagers take advantage of summer to spend time with their friends and have a good time, but along with this freedom comes certain dangers that your teen might come across. If you have a child who is at least 16, then you are right to be concerned about drinking and driving during the summer time. Your child could…
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How Do I Petition for an Order of Non-Disclosure for a Federal Crime?

Criminal Court

If you are a Texas resident who was given deferred adjudication recently, you were probably told that after your probation was over and all charges were dismissed, your criminal records would also be clean. This is, however, a misunderstanding between the criminal courts and people who have served their deferred adjudication in the state. In order to get arrest records, court proceedings and probation information off of your record, you will have to submit a…
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What Are the Different Types of Assault Charges I Could Face?

Stalking and Assault

Criminal assault is a serious misdemeanor or felony crime that could result in jail time and other severe penalties. It can happen in many kinds of situations, such as at work, in your home, or on the street randomly. However, it is important to realize that there are different ways you could be accused for assaulting someone, because there are various types of circumstances that could lead to this crime of an assault charge. What…
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What Counts as Criminal Mischief in Texas?

Criminal Mischief

Criminal mischief is the legal term for any form of property destruction under Texas criminal law. This type of crime can include a vast array of acts; the damage could be either accidental or deliberate; it can be the result of some other type of dispute; or it can be an act all on its own. If you are facing a criminal mischief charge, it’s important that you know why you’re being charged with this…
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How Is Drug Trafficking Regulated in Texas?

Drug Possession and Abuse

Drug trafficking involves the distributing and/or delivering of illegal drugs across states, counties or other borderlines. Drug trafficking is a violation of the Texas Controlled Substances Act, and it can result in a felony charge with many unfortunate ramifications, such as fines and jail time. Because the sentencing for a drug trafficking conviction can be extreme and detrimental to your personal life, it’s crucial that, as a Texas citizen, you know the laws and regulations…
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How Can I Be Charged for Resisting Arrest?

Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest is a criminal act in the state of Texas that can result from not submitting yourself to an arrest calmly and willingly. Punishments for this crime can range from a misdemeanor to felony charge, depending on the severity of your resistance during your arrest. It can be difficult to charge for this crime because there are many circumstances behind the actions that you could take that may result in a resisting arrest charge….
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How Can I Avoid Violating My Texas Protection Order?


In Texas, protective orders are granted with the intention of protecting individuals from abusive and violent partners who are trying to cause harm to them or their family. This type of legal order is ordered by the Texas court to stop any child, spousal or domestic abuse from happening again in the future. This is also known as a restraining order, and it can allow for both temporary (up to 20 days) or general (maximum…
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How Has Social Media Affected Sexual Assault Claims?

girl texting

Many of us use social media on a daily basis, and many of us can even admit that we’re addicted. Our smartphones are constantly buzzing with news alerts, text messages, and reminders of what’s happening in the world. Recently, many social justice movements have actually used social media sites, such as Twitter, to gain a broader following and to spread awareness. News of sexual assault has been circulating from female politicians, celebrities, and other influencers,…
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When is Self-Defense a Valid Defense Against Assault Charges?

Stalking and Assault

Self-defense is defined as the right to prevent suffering or perpetrated violence through the use of counteracting force or violence. This is a simple and straightforward concept on its own, but when it is applied to certain circumstances, the meaning can get muddy. Texas, like every other state, allows someone to claim self-defense as a defendant when accused for an illegal crime. Texas also has its own set of self-defense laws that it follows that…
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How Do Bail Bonds Work in Texas?

Bail Bonds

In Texas, the process of bail bonding is different in every county. The definition of bail is the procedure by which courts will allow someone accused of a crime to leave jail while they wait for their trial date. In other words, it is a payment given to the court to allow someone out of jail temporarily until the trial begins. This amount should help guarantee that you will be in court on that set…
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