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Moldy Rape Kits Could Affect Hundreds of Cases in Texas

Something’s wrong with the crime labs in Austin – again. Earlier this year, it was reported that faulty DNA testing at a lab could have affected more than 2,000 criminal cases. A few days ago, it was announced that 850 rape kits may have been exposed to mold. Austin police have been criticized for the sluggish pace at which they have been processing rape kits, with thousands in their backlog. This mold incident only adds…
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Criminal Intent in Solicitation: Austin Man Booked for Elaborate Online Rape Plan

Once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever. This includes evidence of crimes in the making. An Austin man, Blaine Alexander Mallon, was recently taken into custody after a concerned Internet user discovered an elaborate rape plan on Omegle. The chat website does not collect usernames or personal account information, making it easy for users to remain relatively anonymous. According to police and attorneys involved with the matter, Mallon contacted an anonymous user (referred…
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