Dallas Theft Attorney

Being accused of the crime of theft can be very devastating so if there is a possibility of facing such charge, you should retain a qualified lawyer immediately. With some cases, an attorney may be able to bargain for a civil compensation, to avoid criminal charges, and there are prosecutors who will not pursue the charge if a civil negotiation is under way.

Our lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm are skilled in handling theft lawsuits and they are capable of avoiding a prosecution whenever it is possible. If it is not, they may be able to help you avoid going to jail even if they press the charges, provided that they are hired early enough in the process.

Retaining a lawyer from The Goolsby Law Firm is your finest response to any kind of criminal accusation.

If you think that a charge of theft is likely, you should be careful about what you say to anybody. The police may not act to your best interest, not tell you the truth or make false promises. The best thing to do is to refuse a discussion of your case with anyone politely, and to request for a lawyer if you are going to be questioned by the police.

Never agree on anything, including plea bargains and searches without the advice of your legal counsel.

If the police is trying to make an arrest, politely cooperate with them but inform the arresting officers immediately that you are not going to talk without your lawyer. You should then call us at The Goolsby Law Firm at once.

Post your bond as soon as you can and be careful about waiving any of your rights, if you have not been advised by our lawyer to do so because you cannot get them back once they are waived.

Once you have contacted The Goolsby Law Firm, it is recommended that you meet us immediately and tell us your own version of the story. We want to know if you have any criminal record in the past and of any witnesses that can aid or damage your case. We strongly advise that you do not plead to a lesser offense if we have not yet discussed its consequences with you.

Our lawyers are well versed in the laws of Texas concerning theft and we can explain to you how they apply to your particular circumstances. We can further advise you whether a plea bargain is to your best interest or not.

The prosecution must prove that you are guilty beyond reasonable doubt of all the elements of any offense under theft that you are charged with. If you have admitted to anybody that you committed the offense, that somebody can testify on what you said as proof that you really meant to steal a property of another person.

They will present evidence against you through documents, witnesses, and any statements you gave voluntarily. The witnesses may be cross-examined if you disagreed with their statements.

If you are found guilty by the judge, you may be sentenced to prison, ordered to pay a fine, pay restitution, or go into community service or probation. Because of the possible long-term damaging effects of a conviction, we advise you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm without delay.

We offer free consultation so we could discuss your case as soon as possible and work in building a strong defense against a theft accusation.