Dallas Resisting Arrest Lawyer

Along with evading arrest, resisting arrest is generally charged on those that do not submit themselves to an arrest willingly and calmly. In the state of Texas, the punishments for these two offenses can range from a class A misdemeanor to a second degree felony.If convicted, the consequences to you can be considerable, which is why you must talk with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at once, if you have been charged with resisting arrest. In Dallas, the law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby is always ready to hear you out and protect your legal rights in court.A resisting arrest offense includes the attempt to escape from law enforcement officers, fighting off an arrest through the use of threats or physical force against the arresting officer or an attack made by the person being arrested against the law enforcement officers attempting to make the arrest.

Typically, this comes in the form of physically struggling as the arresting officer put on the handcuffs or when the arrestee is being put inside the police care or prison cell. Although resisting arrest is normally considered as a misdemeanor offense, it is elevated to a felony if a deadly weapon like a firearm is involved.

Resisting arrest is basically a less serious offense to evading arrest, since the level of the crime goes up with the effort that you exert in effecting the escape. In evading arrest, the person being arrested attempts to escape from the arresting arrest on foot or in a car.

If a motor vehicle is used, an evading arrest charge may be elevated to a felony and if someone is injured in the process of escaping, the charge may be considered as a third degree felony.

The sad fact is that you may be charged with resisting arrest even if the police used too much force against you in making the arrest. However, it is not right for police officers to cover up the misconduct. If you have been charged with evading or resisting arrest, contact us immediately for professional legal advice.

There are people who become so disturbed when brought under questioning by the police that they say misleading or false information in order to protect themselves or members of their families. However, lying about your real identity, giving fake information or misleading the police intentionally may be considered as a criminal offense.

The Goolsby Law Firm has the knowledge and skill in all aspects of criminal law and is capable of building a compelling case for your defense, no matter what your circumstances are.

Attorney Mike Goolsby is a tireless and sympathetic advocate for the legal rights of people who were accused of resisting arrest and other crimes in Dallas. As one of the leading lawyers in the state, Mr. Goolsby has devoted more than sixteen years to law practice and has been the main driving force behind The Goolsby Law Firm for the past eleven years.

As a former trial lawyer for the District Attorney’s office of Dallas County, he has a unique perception of police practice and criminal justice in Texas.