Dallas Probation Violation Lawyer

Photo of probation violation paperworkIf you are accused of violating your probation in Dallas or somewhere else in Dallas, the best thing to do is to deal with the issue immediately instead of allowing it to become worse.

This will lead to a warrant being issued for your arrest. Instead of trying to avoid confronting the problem, we recommend that you get in touch with one of the qualified criminal defense lawyers of The Goolsby Law Firm immediately.

We will help you deal with the police, protect your legal rights and negotiate with the prosecution and the judge to try and help you remain on your probation instead of going to jail.

Although some people might believe that if they confess to a fault, they will be sentenced with the maximum penalty for the offense automatically, retaining the services of a qualified lawyer and dealing with your probation violation immediately can result to only minor penalties.

These can include increased length of probation and fines but you can avoid going to jail. Regardless of whatever fear you may have, it is important that you do not ignore a probation violation or continue violating it, as there is a big chance that it will lead to more severe consequences.

The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby is dedicated to helping people who were charged with probation violations in Dallas. In addition, The Goolsby Law Firm provides aggressive representation to those who have ongoing hearings on their probation violation.

Our lawyers know that if you do not follow the terms and conditions of your probation, you are liable to face severe punishments, which is the reason why they are always involved in the case from the very beginning and will fight aggressively in court to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby is dedicated to protecting the rights of people who were accused or convicted of criminal offenses. The goal of The Goolsby Law Firm is the protection of the constitutional rights of every client they have and make sure that they are really guaranteed due process under the law.

It is also our unyielding belief that nobody should be convicted of any crime through evidence that were illegally obtained or without getting due process. Hence, we will make sure that the prosecution and the police are acting or have acted according to the law.

Your legal rights are of supreme importance to us. We invite you to call our office directly to discuss your particular situation with one of our skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers, so that we can advice you on your legal options and provide you with the representation that you will need in court.

The Goolsby Law Firm has been helping people who have violated their probations navigate through the complex judicial system of the state of Texas for more than eleven years.

When we take your probation violation case, you can be sure that we will use our extensive skill, knowledge, experience and resources to get the best possible outcome that is possible for your violation.