Plano Suspended License Attorney

When you drive while your license is under suspension in the state of Texas, you commit an act of misdemeanor. In Plano, when you are caught driving on suspended license, you will face the first offense charges. However, you may end up with a longer suspension of your driver’s license since even if you are not aware that your license has been suspended, it will not relieve you from the consequences of the offense. As a matter of fact, there are many cases where the motorist is not aware that his or her license has been suspended already. If you have been charged with a driving on a suspended license offense in the state of Texas, we suggest that you call us immediately at The Goolsby Law Firm to protect your rights in court.

Reasons for Suspension of License

  • Automatic Suspension. Your driver’s license can be suspended automatically if you are facing or have been charged with negligent homicide in a vehicular accident, resisting arrest using your car or caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Road Traffic Violation. This is also called as habitual traffic suspension. It means that you committed traffic rules such as over speeding and beating the red light not just once, but twice in a year or seven in a row for two years
  • Serious Accident Suspension. You license can be suspended if you are involved in a car crash accident resulting to serious damage, injuries, and death

Other reasons why your license might be under suspension is when you committed criminal mischief or illegal possession of firearms.

What are the fines and penalties?

There are lots of fees involved in driving with suspended license cases. The towing fee and daily storage fee of your car until you were able to pay for your fine will be your responsibility. In most cases, towing fee together with storage fee alone can cost you as much as a hundred dollars.

Other expenses that you need to be prepared are the following:

  1. A $100 Reinstatement Fee and payment for SR-22. The pink sheet of SR-22 is the only accepted copy of insurance to par for your suspended license.
  2. A $750 surcharge, which is good for three years
  3. Maximum of $2,000 criminal fine based on the severity of the case

The Goolsby Law Firm has successfully handled cases of driving on suspended license in Plano and the entire Collin County area. Our highly experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyers can provide you with aggressive representation and ensure that your rights are protected in court. You can set up a meeting with one of our defense lawyers to discuss your case in a free initial consultation that we provide, which will allow us to know more about your case and decide on what course to take to defend your case. We invite you to call our office directly today so that we can start defending your constitutional rights as soon as possible.