Plano Protection Order Lawyer

A protective order is issued by a civil court, which prevents continuing acts of violence or threat of violence.  Under Chapter 5 of the Criminal Procedure of the state of Texas, family violence is considered as a serious threat to the society, as well as its members. Any victim of domestic violence is qualified to have the best protection that is permissible under the law.

Filing a protective order can be done by any adult member of a household or family, the Department of Human and Regulatory Services, a prosecution lawyer or any adult who is protecting a child. However, the applicant is considered to be the person who is supposedly the victim of the domestic violence.

In Plano and Collin County, a protective order is filed to prevent an offender from doing or threatening more acts of violence, from going near the home or place of employment where the protected person is living and threatening or harassing the victim directly or indirectly by the use of threat through another person, or any other conditions the Judge adds to the order. In case of violation of protective order, the protected individual is advised to call the police quickly. All concerned agencies are given notice of every protective order that was issued in their jurisdictions and they are mandated to keep a list of such orders. If you violate your protective order and the police are notified, they will arrest and charge you. If you violate the order in the presence of the police, your arrest would be immediate.

Violations of protective orders are taken very seriously due to the need to protect the perceived victim.  If the order is violated, you may be punished with up to one year in jail and a four thousand dollar fine.

If you have been charged with violating your protective order in Collin County, we urge you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm. Our skilled and resourceful Plano area lawyers have the necessary experience to take your case and advice you on the best legal action to take.