Plano Probation Violation Lawyer

A person is put into probation to prevent illegal actions following criminal charges upon him or her. However, there are instances when probation is being violated which can cause more damage and more serious charges against the person including being sent to jail. There are precautionary measures during the probationary period given by the law. Some of these measures include the frequency of travel, limitation of places to travel, check-in and check-out in a probation office, and conditional employment. If the person under probation does not abide with these conditions, then, violation of probation is committed.

Other probation violations have much severe implications depending upon the type of the act committed.

Some of the more commonly committed violations are:

  1.  Failure to report to the probation officer;
  2.  Not paying fines or court costs:
  3.  Not doing required classes or community service.

These probation violations follow different consequences as soon as the probationary officer filed a violation report. It is very seldom that probation violations are not reported because people under probationary period are similar with the people in the watch lists who are thoroughly monitored and evaluated. The following are the possible violation consequences:

Filing of case in the court. The probationary officer can file a case against the offender since the terms and conditions within the period of probation were not fully accomplished. The case depends upon the weight of the condition that was violated. In most cases, this is the immediate response to reported probation violations. Once the act was proven committed against the terms of the probation, the court will arrive at court decision or court sentence.

Fine/Imprisonment. There are probationary measures which stipulated the consequence once the terms are violated. One of these consequences is imprisonment and covering of fine or fees.

The duration of cell imprisonment depends upon also the weight of the committed violation. On the other hand, the fine or fees will be determined based on the damage done by the act.

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