Plano Interfering with Emergency Call Lawyer

In the state of Texas, interfering with an emergency phone call is punishable by law. It is a serious matter and considered as a Class A Misdemeanor.  This occurs when a person is getting a hold of the police through a phone call or trying to make an emergency call via 911, if that emergency call was prevented in any manner. By doing so, it is considered that the person who interrupted the call is liable for the said offense. To elaborate further, interference of the accused must be intentional and the one making a call must be an actual “emergency call” and not just a fake call.

The Texas Penal Code states that a person who recklessly prevents another individual to place an emergency call or request assistance from a law enforcement agency such as police department, or medical facility like a hospital, or other entity whose purpose is to provide safety of individuals is committing an offense.

To establish this kind of offense, the following elements must be present:

  1. The call was prevented- the defendant physically or verbally prevented or restrained another person from making the emergency call.
  2.  The purpose of the call was to seek protection or report the commission of a crime, brought about by the actual emergency of the situation.
  3. There must be intent to prevent the other person from making the call on the part of the defendant.  To reiterate, the Texas Penal Code stated the word “intentionally”.

The penalties for cases of interference with an emergency phone call are punishable by jail time up to one year, a fine of $4,000, and confiscation or loss of the right to own firearms.

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