Plano Fraud Attorney

Fraud is a form of trickery that aims to get money or a property from a person and is considered as a criminal act in the state of Texas.  However, it is not treated as serious criminal charge as theft or burglary. Fraud can be treated as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances of the case. If you or your loved one has been charged with the offense in Plano or anywhere in Collin County, we advise you to contact us at The Goolsby Law Firm .

The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby has dealt with many fraud cases in the more than eleven years of its existence. Thus, it has the skill, experience and resources that are needed in defending a fraud accusation successfully.

What are different types of fraud?

There are many types of offenses under fraud. These acts do not necessarily involved money, but they have common elements are deception and dishonesty. Below are some cases of fraud that can be committed against a person:

  1. Identity Theft. If a person uses another person’s identity, it is called identity theft. In Texas law, it is stipulated that once you stole an identity and used the information to more than three people, it is automatically presume that your intention is to commit fraud. In identity theft identity, the name, birth date, and other personal information of another is used for fraudulent purposes such in fake documents like fake passport and identification cards. There are cases where the name of a minor or even a dead person is used.
  2. Check Forgery. A person commits check forgery if he or she steals an unsigned check and uses it for his or her own purposes. Any unsigned and unfilled check that a person steals is considered an act of check forgery. In Collin County, a person who accepted a stolen check while having the knowledge that it is stolen can also be charged with check forgery.
  3. Credit Fraud. This act includes giving wrong information such as wrong address and contact numbers, fake identification cards, and forfeited passport when a person is trying to file a loan or applying to a credit card company.
  4. Credit card Fraud. If a person uses other people’s credit card that he or she knows to be already suspended and cancelled is considered as credit card fraud. In Collin County, if the person is caught of possessing and using a credit card that is not his or hers, fraud charges can be brought against that person.

Why hire a criminal defense lawyer in fraud cases?

If you are facing fraud charges in the state of Texas, you need to know the proper legal action that you should take. Our criminal defense lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm  can guide you in dealing with fraud charges. You can set an appointment with one of our defense attorneys to discuss your case. Our team of Plano area criminal defense lawyers are skilled in handling fraud cases. We invite you to come and discuss your case with us in a free consultation. We would assess your circumstances and decide on the best course of action to take when we go to court.