Plano Expungement Lawyer

The law of the state of Texas allows expungement of particular criminal records through a process termed as expunction. The requirements that are needed for the process limits in effect the arrest procedures in Plano that did not result to convictions or charges or acquittals after the trial. This includes appeals for a conviction that were successful or even court pardons. It also applies to cases that were dismissed. If your case resulted to a deferred adjudication, which is a special kind of probation that is usually granted to first time offenders, you will not be eligible for expunction, but may be eligible for to have the case no disclosed. The other requirements that you need to fulfil in order to be granted an expungement are:

  • There was no conviction for felony in the past five years that immediately precedes your arrest
  • You have no arrest for other offenses
  • You have no arrest for a crime that is sex related
  • You were not put under community supervision

Once you hire the attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm, we will investigate and compile all of the needed information.  At that point a petition and order is drafted and a civil law suit is filed.  The court will then set a hearing at which time we prove up the information contained in the petition.

Attending the hearing is mandatory. To facilitate the process quickly, a Plano area expungement lawyer is also vital. The Goolsby Law Firm  has the lawyers who are devoted to helping you find long term solutions to your criminal arrest. We provide free initial consultation so that we can advice you on your options and start protecting your constitutional rights.