Plano Drug Lawyer

Drugs/marijuana charges in the Plano area are extremely problematic. If caught with small quantities of marijuana you will be facing a misdemeanor. The penalties will increase quite steeply however as the amount drugs and your intent for possessing those drugs raise. The consequences of a drugs/marijuana charge have grown considerably more severe during the last decade, and if facing this type of criminal charge you should treat your situation very seriously.

When coping with any type of drugs/marijuana accusation in the Plano area, using, possessing, manufacturing, distribution, or trafficking, you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm  as soon as you can. It is essential that you have professional and experienced legal representation from the beginning of the process, as the longer you leave it the harder it will be to build a solid defense for you.

In most drugs/marijuana cases, the prosecution will succeed or fail based upon evidence they present in court obtained in a search or seizure of your property. You are protected under the US Constitution and enjoy significant privacy rights that protect you and your person, as well is your home or vehicle, from any unwarranted search and seizure. The legal authorities need to follow specific methods and regulations before they carry out any such search or seizure, one of the things we will fully investigate at The Goolsby Law Firm  are the legalities of any search or seizure of your property together with possible police misconduct.

In a drugs/marijuana case you could be facing a felony, and life as a convicted felon can be very tricky. There are many avenues defense open to you, and the accusation is not the end of the line. If convicted you could be facing long periods in jail, fines, probation, mandatory drug rehabilitation, and other penalties. Even after you are released you could find it difficult to rent property, obtain employment, and hold certain professional licenses, as well as being prevented from gun ownership. If you are not a US citizen you could also face deportation or refusal of citizenship.

Drugs/marijuana possession law is dictated by the Texas safety code, these are split into five penalty groupings, with a specific marijuana group. Many of the drugs covered will be lawful, however it will be unlawful to possess these without a valid prescription. The health code will determine the punitive measures regarding illegal possession of prescription drugs. Whilst marijuana has enjoyed certain leniency in several states in Texas the laws regarding this drug are still rigorously enforced.

No matter how complex or simple your situation is, if you are facing any type of drugs/marijuana charges in Collin County call The Goolsby Law Firm  for a free consultation today. As an experienced former trial

Lawyer with the District Attorney’s office Mike Goolsby has more trial experience than any other practicing defense attorney in the area, and will put all this experience to work for you. You can discuss your case either in our office or over the phone and anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.