Plano Criminal Mischief Lawyer

A criminal mischief is committed when you damaged one’s property intentionally. Vandalism is one of the most common acts of criminal mischief. People in the neighborhood commonly assume that mischievous acts are often committed by teenagers and other youngsters. However, there are cases when criminal mischief is charged even to adult persons. If you are facing criminal mischief charge, we recommend you to contact immediately The Goolsby Law Firm. Our attorneys are passionate and committed in defending your rights in court.

Aware or unaware, you should be able to determine whether you have already committed criminal mischief. To provide you a shortlist of the most common acts of criminal mischief, see below:

  • Defacing property. It is the common act of vandalism like the typical graffiti on the wall, which typically mutilates the value, and the physical appearance of a structure.
  • Wrecking vehicles. Damaging other’s automobile by breaking the windshield, flatting of tires, detaching side mirrors are all forms of criminal mischief.
  • Damaging and destroying properties. Damaging properties is different from destroying properties. Although, these two acts of criminal mischief are always in tandem. It can be committed in the school, business establishments, and homes. The act of damaging properties only includes the assets that are harmed while the act of destroying properties entails total destruction of one’s properties.

In Collin County and the Plano area, if you commit any act that intentionally or unintentionally destroy one’s asset or property, you are considered committing criminal mischief and it can be charged as misdemeanor or felony. The charges that can be filed against you when you commit criminal mischief vary depending upon the severity of damage that you caused. You can actually be fined at the most $10,000 with maximum of 10 years jail imprisonment. Even though you might think that criminal mischief is a petty crime, still, it will taint your record and can create stigma on your person. It can hamper your professional career and personal life as well.

If you were accused of criminal mischief, you should hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to represent you as your private counsel. You can set a meeting with one of our veteran criminal defense lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm and we provide free legal consultation. We suggest that you bring certain documents that our lawyers may ask when you call our office so that you will be ready at once to discuss your case.

During the consultation, our criminal defense lawyers will assess your case so that you will be able to know the necessary steps to take to defend against the charges filed against you. We can guide you all through the legal process to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. Attorney Mike Goolsby and his legal team at The Goolsby Law Firm can provide you the best legal advice and assistance for a criminal mischief case. Our more than eleven years of practice gained us excellent access to justice system in Plano and the entire Collin County area.