McKinney Probation Violation Lawyer

The justice system of the state of Texas looks at probation as an alternative to effectively transform offenders into normal members of the community. Individuals under probation are supervised by designated probation officers. A probation grant is ordered by a judge as a replacement or additional sentence following a crime conviction.  An offender’s prison time will be replaced with a probation sentence.

Probation grants show that the justice system believes in giving offenders a second chance. However, it is not as easy as living a normal life again. These grants come with various rules that need to be followed at all times. These rules are firmly implemented. What you want to avoid is having probation violation allegations ruin your chance for a better life. If you have been accused of violating your probation, The Goolsby Law Firm can spell the difference between enjoying your freedom and holding iron bars. Important matters should be discussed immediately with the expert legal counselors. In some cases, the court of law can provide certain leniency over violations but only if certain conditions are met. The timing of the violation plays an important role in seeking court leniency. You have a greater chance of being pardoned from probation violations if you have accomplished most of your probation period. In this case, you may have given the court enough bases that you can become a law abiding citizen again. On the other hand, if violations were made at the early stages of the probation, the court is expected to be less forgiving.

District attorneys are in the habit of pushing for optimum penalty for parole violators. This is the reason why you need to have an experienced defense counsel on your side. The criminal defense attorneys of The Goolsby Law Firm will work hard to reduce the impact of parole violations. Accusations of parole term violations follow a judicial process. You are given the right to defend your case and you also have the option of making an innocent or guilty plea. Establishing a solid defense is what The Goolsby Law Firm is dedicated to do on your behalf.  You will be guided throughout the entire court proceeding and ensure that your constitutional rights are protected.

Bureau of Justice Statistics show that Texas is experiencing a high number of probationary cases. There are a number of people who find themselves unable to meet some of the terms and conditions of their parole because of financial pressures and discrimination in society.  A good percentage resort to illegal activities to support themselves and their family while paying for the legal fees incurred in their trial. A Texas probation law violation can get you arrested at any point especially if you did not notify the court of the reason for violation.  If you do not have a skilled attorney in your side, you can expect to stay in jail for long period, which can be as long as four years. We invite you to call us today for a free discussion of your case.