McKinney ODL Lawyer

For many people, the privilege of driving is an essential tool not only for earning a living but also for carrying out the necessary activities in life. The Texas justice system acknowledges the importance driving. This is the reason why, the court of law still provides the driving privilege for people whose driving license has been suspended and revoked by the state.

If your license has been suspended or repealed due to particular offense in Texas, you can still request for another license with special restrictions, which is called an occupational drivers license.  An occupational license gives you the privilege to drive a non- commercial motor vehicle, although you can only use your vehicle for valid and important purposes like for work, for attending school, for seeking medical assistance or for doing vital household chores.

The process of getting an occupational license may be long and tedious. The most important element into acquiring this license is a court order. To obtain the court order, you must file a petition for occupational license directly to the county or district court where you live or where the offense was made.  The Goolsby Law Firm can assist you in petitioning the court for an occupational driver’s license. We have the qualified lawyers that have years of experience in dealing with occupational license cases. Our skilled defense attorney will vigorously represent you in court and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your petition.

Once a court order is granted, you must submit it together with other required documents to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). During the processing period of your occupational license, you are allowed to use the court order as a temporary license for up to 30 days from the date that the judge signed it. Applying for an occupation license also comes with a considerable payment of fees such as the instatement fees and the occupational driver’s license fee as required by the DPS. You will also need to have a SR-22 insurance coverage. This is a special kind of auto insurance policy for people in high risk of vehicular accidents.  You will need to submit the SR-22 insurance certificate as proof of coverage to the DPS. The Department also mandates insurance providers to inform them regularly regarding the status of your policy.

Since a Texas occupation driver’s license is granted to most DWI offenders, it comes with several possible restrictions and conditions. One of them is that the license does not give you the privilege to drive a commercial vehicle. If you have a DWI record, you may also need to agree to a mandatory deep lung device installation in their car. In addition, you may be restricted with your hours of driving. This can be around 4 -12 hours of actual driving time in a day.

If your license is suspended due to a Drinking While Intoxicated (DWI) charge, we invite you to call the law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby in North Texas. Attorney Goolsby and his legal team will see to it that your rights are protected and you are given due attention in court.