McKinney Non-Disclosure Attorney

The justice system promotes rehabilitation for offenders of the law. However, numerous individuals with criminal records have a hard time to blend into society because of their history. A criminal record can be like a heavy load that could easily prevent you from finding success. With such record attached to your name, it will very hard to avoid discrimination in your job interviews.

Fortunately, you can take a legal step to elude a frustrating situation. This legal step is known as a non- disclosure order. If you successfully file a non-disclosure order, your criminal records will be concealed from the public. This means that only relevant government offices and sectors are allowed to view your criminal record for tracking purposes. However, private agencies will not be permitted to access it. This now gives you a chance to be assessed more partially when you apply for a job, for school admittance or for credit applications.

In order to obtain this order in the court, you must prove to the judge that you are a reformed person. There is a greater chance for your non-disclosure order to be approved if you maintained a clean record since your last conviction. You will also need the legal assistance of an experienced lawyer. The lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm have handled numerous non-disclosures in McKinney and throughout the North Texas.

There are a couple of ways to qualify for a non-disclosure motion and your attorney needs to thoroughly discuss them to you. One usual way is if you completed a felony or misdemeanor deferred adjudication probation. This probation is prescribed by the court of law and refers to a specific sentence, community supervision or a sanction that does not fall under class C misdemeanor.

If you are qualified for the motion, you can petition the court to sign a non-disclosure order. After which, the judge will decide on your case. If the judge grants the order, agencies of the government sector are banned from revealing any deferred adjudication sentence against you. However, a non-disclosure order does not mean that the court will dissolve your records. If you get arrested by the police for an offense, they can check your record and use it against you.

You must first have your deferred adjudication completed before you can proceed to filling a non-disclosure petition. The waiting period for deferred adjudication dismissal varies depending on the offense committed. Usually, the more serious the offense is, the longer wait to file the petition is needed. The waiting can take years and a non-disclosure order is not powerful enough to hide some serious felony offenses. However, every case has specific conditions so contact The Goolsby Law Firm right away to go over all issues in sealing your case. Attorney Mike Goolsby in McKinney and North Texas knows how to effectively seek a non-disclosure motion and to which county to submit it. These are all very crucial for a successful grant, which will clean your record for good.