McKinney Interfering with Emergency Call Lawyer

Emergency calls are very important because most of these calls deal with life and death situations. It is necessary that such calls be not interfered and the parties in both ends of the line must be able to communicate clearly. Because of that, the legislature of the state of Texas decided to impose criminal penalties in case of interference with emergency calls. This means that anybody who, in any manner, disturbs, meddle or interfere with an emergency call be sanctioned, fined or, worse, imprisoned. However, not all kind of disturbances are considered unlawful. In Texas, the law considers the intention of the interferer in disturbing or interfering with the emergency call. Thus, one may not be held criminally liable if he has good intentions with his interference. However, if he has a bad intention in interfering with emergency calls, he may be penalized in accordance with the mandate of the law.

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Remember that interference with emergency call case is criminal in nature. Such proceeding is very delicate and complex and only lawyers with great mastery of the law can win this case. Your liberty and honor is at stake in the whole litigation therefore it is very important for you to win this case.  You must be assisted by an experienced law firm if you are charged with interfering with an emergency call. If not, it may result in irrevocable damages to your reputation or imprisonment. Hire the lawyers from The Goolsby Law Firm for your McKinney area case.