McKinney Family Violence & Assault Attorney

If you are charged with the crime of assault/family violence in Texas you will probably be facing at least a class A misdemeanor. However, in certain circumstances you could be facing a felony charge. Regardless of our serious you think your situation is you should treat it with the utmost importance, and make sure you get professional legal representation that can help you avoid any detrimental repercussions that may occur if you are convicted.

In the North Texas and McKinney area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm. Experienced criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby is ready to help you protect yourself against the charge of assault/family violence. As a prior trial attorney with the District Attorney’s office Mike Goolsby has the experience and knowledge of exactly how the criminal trial system works in this area, and can use this wealth of experience to help you get the outcome you require in your case.

If the police are called to an assault/family violence situation they will arrest someone and charge them with assault.  If you are arrested and questioned by the police you are entitled to have your attorney present, do not put your future liberty in the hands of a public defender, as they are often overworked and unable to concentrate on your case specifically. You give yourself the best chance of minimizing the seriousness of the charges against you with an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side like Mike Goolsby.

Often one of the most overused tactics in divorce proceedings is an accusation of assault/family violence. If this is made against you then you need to defend yourself against these charges. A conviction of an assault/family violence offense when divorce proceedings are involved can mean that you lose out in many ways, particularly if matters of child custody and spousal support are in dispute. Even a class C misdemeanor can have serious effects on your life, any criminal record can affect your right to own a firearm, make it difficult to rent property, or gain employment, and have many other serious life altering effects on your day-to-day existence. A criminal record will also be available to any prospective employers or business partners to view, as well as other interested parties as it is a matter of public record.

If you are facing a charge of assault/family violence in the North Texas or McKinney area then The Goolsby Law Firm can help you. Mike Goolsby firmly believes that the state must be made to prove any accusations against you to the fullest extent possible, and will use every possible means to preserve your rights and get you the outcome you desire. Call today for a completely free consultation, during which you can ask any questions you may have and discuss the path that your case may take. Complete discretion and confidentiality is always assured, call today.