McKinney Evading Arrest Lawyer

Evading arrest occurs when a person intentionally flees from a law enforcement officer attempting to arrest or detain him. In the state of Texas, Evading arrest is a serious offense penalized by law.

You will be punished for evading arrest if you have intentionally flees from a person, whom you know to be a peace officer attempting to arrest or detain you.

The elements present in evading arrest are the following:

  1. Person who fled committed a crime
  2. Person intentionally fled
  3. Law enforcement officer was attempting to arrest or detain defendant
  4. Attempted arrest or detention is legal.

In cases of evasion of arrest, defending these elements can be difficult. The law firm of Atty. Mike Goolsby is adept in dealing with criminal cases such as this. Our criminal defense lawyers are qualified and have successfully handled numerous cases for clients charged with evading arrest in McKinney and the entire area of North Texas.

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Different penalties are attached to this offense and they vary depending on the specific circumstances of your case. The offense of evading arrest imposes various penalties starting from the level of a class B misdemeanor which can aggravate to a state jail felony if a person employs a vehicle to escape. Furthermore, a person will be punished for a third degree felony if he has been previously convicted within the same category of offense and has employed the use of a vehicle to escape or if another person has been seriously injured as a result of an attempt by the officer to apprehend the person while he or she was fleeing. It will be considered as a second degree felony if another person suffers death as a direct result of an attempt by the officer to apprehend the person who is fleeing.

If you have a pending criminal case or have been convicted of another offense in connection with evading arrest, the experienced lawyers of The Goolsby Law Firm will formulate defense strategies to help you pursue a favorable result. Our lawyers at the firm are already adept with court procedures and are familiar in dealing with complexities of criminal cases.

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