Irving Evading Arrest Lawyer

In Irving it is unlawful to intentionally flee from a person that you know to be a law enforcement official, if you know that person is attempting to arrest you, or you have already been arrested and then try to get away in some fashion. In this situation you may be charged with the crime of evading arrest. You may also be charged with evading arrest if you have been arrested and subsequently attempt to evade the people that have you in custody. Evading arrest can be a serious charge, but will seldom stand on its own as it will be in conjunction with the charge with which you are being arrested for in the first place.

If you have been charged with evading arrest there are many defenses you can make. Contact The Goolsby Law Firm to discuss your case, attorney Mike Goolsby has 20 years experience defending people accused of criminal offenses in the Dallas and Irving area, as a former trial attorney with the District attorney’s office he knows how the criminal court system works in this area better than other practicing defense attorney.

There are defenses against a charge of evading arrest, and these will be looked into in your particular situation. One potential defense is if the arrest was not in fact unlawful in some way, matters of the legality of the situation will be investigated fully, and any warrants etc looked into to challenge this allegation. You can be charged if you are in a vehicle and you frail to pull over immediately when signaled to do so by a police car. Potential defense in this situation can if you are unaware that you are being followed by a police car when they turn on the lights to make you stop, or if it was not safe to do so at the time and these matters can be looked at and used if appropriate to counter this charge.

Evading arrest can be treated as a felony or misdemeanor depending on the situation that existed at the time. In most occasions if the attempt to get away was on foot it will be a class B misdemeanor. In cases where the attempt to get away was using a motor vehicle then this will more often than not be charged as a felony.

No matter what the charge is against you is, it is important that you get a good defense attorney to preserve your rights and liberty, as the consequences of a successful prosecution can be very serious. Attorney Mike Goolsby knows the best ways to counter an evading arrest charge and successfully defend you against it, as well is being able to help you with all aspects of criminal defense, as more often than not an evading arrest charge will be part of another criminal charge procedure.

If you find yourself facing an evading arrest charge in the Irving or Dallas area, or any criminal offense, get in touch with The Goolsby Law Firm for a free consultation as soon as you can. We are here to help you to aggressively defend yourself against criminal allegations of any description. We offer a tailored and professional service, as attorney Mike Goolsby personally accepts responsibility for every case the firm takes you can be assured of an aggressive and thorough investigation and defense of any allegations you may be facing. Call today in the strictest confidence.