Irving Assault & Family Violence Lawyer

In Irving accusations of assault/family violence are treated very seriously indeed. The repercussions and consequences can be a lot deeper and more life changing. Depending on your particular situation you could find yourself facing a felony charge, and life as a convicted felon can be very difficult indeed. Regardless of how serious you feel the charges to be, it is very important that you get legal representation at your earliest opportunity when accused of an assault/family violence offense.

In the Irving or Dallas area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm. Experienced criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby is ready to help you protect yourself against the charge of assault/family violence. As a prior trial attorney with the District attorney’s office Mike Goolsby has the experience and knowledge of exactly how the criminal trial system works in this area, and can use this wealth of experience to help you get the outcome you require in your case.

In any criminal trial proceedings, if found guilty, your life could be seriously affected for some time to come. Apart from possible jail time and probation, your ability to rent property, gain employment, own a firearm, and the right to hold certain professional licenses, could also be seriously affected. If you’re assault/family violence case is in addition to divorce proceedings then matters could be further complicated. Allegations of assault are often used to settle matters of spousal support and child custody, and in these cases you should make sure you have a good defense lawyer helping to minimize the impact on you.

Assault/family violence charges can be particularly damaging if they are made as part of divorce proceedings. Often charges of this nature are made as a tactic to gain advantage during this type of situation, and can be some of the most misused criminal accusations that exist. You must offer a strong defense especially during these times as a finding against you in an assault/family violence matter can negatively affect spousal support payments, and child custody matters, and many other aspects of your divorce or separation.

Often if the police are called to an assault/family violence situation they will arrest everyone that may be involved. This so-called “family plan” is a method by which they can take people away from the emotional situation and sort out the specifics of the incident in the relative calm of the police station.

If you are arrested and questioned by the police you are entitled to have your attorney present, do not put your future liberty in the hands of a public defender, as they are often overworked and unable to concentrate on your case specifically. You give yourself the best chance of minimizing the seriousness of the charges against you with an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side like Mike Goolsby.

If you are facing a charge of assault/family violence in the Irving or Dallas area then The Goolsby Law Firm can help you. Mike Goolsby firmly believes that the state must be made to prove any accusations against you to the fullest extent possible, and will use every possible means to preserve your rights and get you the outcome you desire. Call today for a completely free consultation, during which you can ask any questions you may have and discuss the path that your case may take. Complete discretion and confidentiality is always assured, call today.