Fort Worth Federal Defense Lawyer

If you find yourself accused of a criminal act you could be dealt with in state court or federal court. The type of court which deals with you will influence the severity of the penalties you will face, and many other aspects. Federal court generally will see you facing harsher penalties, longer jail terms, and more aggressive treatment from the prosecutor.

One essential item that you need to sort out if you are facing a conviction under federal law is your defense attorney. You need to make sure the defense you choose is familiar with and competent to defend you in federal court. In the North Texas or Fort Worth area your best course of action is to contact The Goolsby Law Firm. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby is experienced are familiar with the differences and requirements of the federal court system. He can put this knowledge to use for you to get you the outcome you require if you find yourself accused of a federal crime.

Investigations in federal matters are undertaken by government law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, DEA, ICE, and others. These agencies have seemingly limitless resources and manpower to investigate these types of crimes. And many investigations can last for weeks, months, or sometimes even years.

Federal crimes are crimes made illegal by US government legislation. It is also a federal offense if the crime is committed on federal property such as an airport, government building, or others, or committed involving an agency such as the US Post Office, IRS, or if the crime involves crossing state lines. Types of crimes involving federal prosecution include but are not limited to arms trafficking, computer crime, types of fraud, extortion, drug crimes, illegal immigration, possession or transmission of child pornography, and many others.

Sentences handed down by a federal court are often much more severe than the equivalent sentence handed down for a similar crime by a state court. There are many reasons for this, one is that federal judges are constrained to follow sentencing guidelines which offer little leeway for leniency, also if you are sentenced in state court you can be eligible for parole after a few years, if your sentence is from a federal court however parole has been abolished and you will serve at least 85% of your sentence.

Generally speaking, you will have no control or influence over whether you are charged in state court or federal court. Certain crimes can only be prosecuted in state court and certain can only be prosecuted in federal court however there are overlap areas. In offenses involving drugs, or certain types of fraud, and certain child pornography offenses, may see you in either type of court room, the choice often depends on the agency which investigated the crime whether they are federal or local and others. In certain although rare occasions if there is this type of overlap a criminal defense lawyer can influence which form the trial takes place if they get involved early enough.

As you can see your liberty and lifestyle is at great risk if you are facing conviction under federal law. You should get qualified and competent legal representation as soon as possible. Call The Goolsby Law Firm as soon as you can to discuss your case during a free consultation. Complete confidentiality and discretion is assured at all times.