Fort Worth Bail Bond Lawyer

Nobody wants to be arrested, as the experience is usually a very confusing and frightening process. In order to secure the appearance of the accused in court and during trial, a bond is posted after the arrest. Most people who were arrested do not have an idea who to call or even what they should do to get help. The law firm of Attorney Mike Goolsby can help in securing your release from jail or that of your loved one.

To be able to protect your rights, you need to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who fully understands the legal process and essential law governing the posting of bonds. The Goolsby Law Firm strongly believes that the sooner we can get you out of jail, the better it will be. Those who remain in jail have higher chances of bargaining with the prosecution in order to get out of confinement and sustain their release. Such deals are not to your best interest, especially if you do not have your criminal defense lawyer with you.

The Goolsby Law Firm will represent you aggressively in court so that your rights can be protected in all steps of the bail bond process. We will be by your side whether a bond amount has been set by the court or not. If there is no action on the part of the court to set the amount of bail, we are going to seek a writ of habeas corpus so that the judge will be authorized to release you from jail. If you have been arrested and detained in Fort Worth or other areas of North Texas, our bond attorneys might be able to help in securing your fast release from jail.

Usually, there are several ways in obtaining your release. After your arrest, the judge will set the bond amount in most cases. This will be the exact amount that is considered for your offense, accounting for your criminal history, residence, community ties and background. If the amount of bound has been set, it can usually be posted in three ways.

First is as a cash bond. You can post a bond directly according to the amount of your bail. The main benefit of this methods is that that the amount that was paid will be returned to you after the case is settled, assuming that you completed all your court appearances. However, cash bonds can be very high and getting the amount may be hard.

Your second choice is to do it with a bail bond company, which will ask for a certain percentage of the bond amount to release you. They may also ask for a kind of collateral. However, the percentage that you give to a bail bond company will not be returned at the conclusion of your case. It is also vital to note that such companies are not lawyers and do not have attorney-client privilege.

If you do not like your statements to be repeated to the police and the prosecution, The Goolsby Law Firm invites you to contact us for regarding your bond right away. We have the authority to make attorney bonds in Fort Worth and the entire North Texas if the situation requires it. Call us today.