Denton Suspended License Attorney

If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated in the Denton area or the state of Texas, it can initiate a couple of legal processes. One is a criminal proceeding while the other is an administrative procedure, which can result to a suspension of your driving license. The attorneys at The Goolsby Law Firm are here to help you.  As a former Assistant District Attorney, Mike Goolsby knows his way around the court house and can help you with your suspension issue.

If you drive while your license is suspended, you will be charged with a misdemeanor. Under the law of the state, driving on suspended license will not usually lead to a jail sentence if it is your first offense. However, you may face a longer suspension and more fines.

If you are stopped by the police and a check on your license brings up the suspension, the police could charge you with driving on suspended license. It does not matter whether you knew that your license was suspended or not. There are a lot of drivers in fact that were charged with the offense who did not know they have a license suspension.

If you knowingly drive with a suspended license and you are convicted for the offense, it would only be considered as class C misdemeanor, which is punishable by fines up to $500.  However, if you have a previous conviction for the offense or your license was suspended before due to driving while intoxicated, it will be considered as a class B misdemeanor, which is punishable by six months imprisonment in county jail. If the state demands for your license after it was suspended and you did not surrender it, it will also be classified as class B offense.

An additional suspension that is as long as the first is allowed under the transportation code of the state. If you have a six month suspension for example and you are convicted for driving on suspended license, you will be given another six months license suspension once your first suspension is over.

The real problem with driving on suspended license though is the cost. As a start, your car will most likely be towed from the place you were stopped by the police. You are the one who will pay the towing fees as well as the tow yard storage fee, which is a daily rate, until you pay up and retrieve your vehicle. This can amount to several hundred dollars.

In addition, you will also pay criminal fines that can be as high as $2,000, depending on the offense. A $100 reinstatement fee is mandatory as well as an SR 22 insurance police that can be quite expensive. In addition, you will also pay a $250 surcharge every year for three years.

If you have been charged with driving on suspended license in the state of Texas, The Goolsby Law Firm can help you fight the accusation. It is assumed that you have knowledge of the suspension where it is automatic. However, our attorneys can contend that you have not received notice and are not aware of your suspension, in cases where it is allowed by the transportation code. Call us at The Goolsby Law Firm to speak with one of our Denton area suspended license lawyers. The consultation is free.