Denton Probation Violation Lawyer

Everybody deserves another chance and if you are under probation and Denton is trying to revoke it, you need to have a lawyer who has dealt with countless probation violation cases and understands how to prevent you from going to prison or jail.

When the state files a Motion to Revoke Community Supervision, which is also known as Motion to Adjudicate Guilt or Motion to Revoke Probation in a deferred adjudication and it is signed by the judge, an arrest warrant for you will be issued. Depending on your circumstances, you may or may not be allowed to post bail. Provided that you have bonded out, bear in mind that when you go into deferred adjudication or probation, several of your rights have been waived, which include your right to have trial by jury.

As a former Assistant District Attorney, Attorney Mike Goolsby has dealt with hundreds of probation cases and officers. He knows that most of the time, they are not really interested in your liberty but in your money. If you retain the services of The Goolsby Law Firm to defend your probation violation case, we give you the assurance that we are going to deal with your probation officer personally, and persuade them to let you remain on probation. If they disagree, we are going to go directly to the District Attorney and if this will not suffice, to the judge. We know that you are an individual with legal rights, even if such is not the belief of your probation officer.

Violating your probation is not an automatic prison or jail sentence. A lot of people fear that once a motion to revoke is filed; they will surely go to jail or prison. However in our experience, we know that that is not always the case. Attorney Mike Goolsby knows how to make the right arguments to your probation officer, the District Attorney and the judge. On many occasions, preventing you from going to prison or jail is just a matter of paying your fine, being caught up with fees and updating yourself with technical violations, which may have been purported against you. It might mean having a community service added, extending the probation or taking a class. Each case of probation violation is unique. However, if there is a means to prevent your probation from being revoked, The Goolsby Law Firm will find it and fight for it persistently.

There are cases in Denton where you may be qualified to have your community supervision, deferred adjudication or probation terminated once you have completed a third of the length of probation that you have signed for initially. The collective knowledge and experience of The Goolsby Law Firm in criminal law allow us to establish whether you are qualified for early termination. If you are we are going to craft the necessary legal motions meticulously, so that you can get off your deferred adjudication or probation earlier and be back to your normal life.