Denton ODL Lawyer

If the police stop you for driving while intoxicated or other infractions, preventing an administrative license revocation or ALR is not always feasible. In such a case, you may be able to obtain a special and restricted license called ODL or Occupational Drivers License, which will allow you to drive a motor vehicle in certain circumstances. Depending on your situation, previous criminal record and other issues, you may be qualified to receive an occupational drivers license, which you can us to drive yourself to and from your office or school, to medical appointments and other vital household chores. However, an occupational driver’s license is not granted automatically.

At the The Goolsby Law Firm Attorney, Denton area attorney Mike Goolsby regularly helps drivers whose licenses have been suspended successfully obtain an ODL.

The process of getting an occupational drivers license is initiated by filing a petition in court. It must be approved and signed by a judge before the restricted license can be issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety or DPS. Aside from the court order, you will also be required by the DPS to have an SR 22 insurance coverage, which is an expensive policy that obliges the insurance provider to inform the DPS if your coverage lapsed, terminated or cancelled.

Although The Goolsby Law Firm will always try to preserve your full driving privilege, getting an occupational drivers license is usually your best option once you’re driving rights are suspended.

An occupational drivers license has a lot of restrictions. Among them is the fact that you only have a maximum of twelve hours each day to drive and you cannot operate a commercial vehicle.

In general, there are two main categories for license suspension. These are criminal suspension, which is ordered by a criminal court and civil suspension, which originates from the DPS. Your options will depend on why your license was suspended.

If your license was suspended because of DWI, you need to go to the court that suspended it and request an occupational driver’s license. If you have been convicted twice for not having insurance and your license was suspended, you only have to get coverage, talk with the DPS and pay a reinstatement fee. If you are contacted by the DPS and told that your license will be suspended because of too many violations, you can contest it in court. You have to act quickly in this case. If you receive a letter from the DPS informing you of the suspension, contact us at the Goolsby Law Firm right away. In case we can no longer fight in court, we can still help you get an occupational drivers license.

If you refused or failed a breath test, your license may automatically be suspended by the DPS. You are only given 20 days to contact the DPS about your intention to contest the suspension. In case you do not want to contest it, the Denton area lawyers at The Goolsby Law Firm can help in getting an occupational drivers license. Call us today for a free initial consultation.