Carrollton Suspended License Attorney

If you have been convicted of a motoring offense, and you have lost your driving license for a period in Texas, then if you continue to drive you will be charged with the offense of driving on suspended license (DWLS). The consequences you will face if you are caught and charged this will vary depending on your situation, it will be a misdemeanor grade crime in most instances.

In the North Texas or Carrollton area if your driving license has been suspended for any reason, including not paying fines for traffic tickets, being convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI/DUI), or others, and then you are caught driving on suspended license, the very least consequence you will face is that it will cost you a lot of money.

If you find yourself in this situation you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm immediately. There are defenses you can make use of to minimize the consequences you will face if convicted of this charge. With two decades of experience attorney Mike Goolsby is the best person to have working for you if you face this particular accusation.

In Texas you will be facing a class C or class B misdemeanor. A class C will result if you were driving on suspended license but were not aware that your license was suspended. This can happen if your privileges are revoked and the paperwork has not reached you. In this instance you will probably face consequences no worse than traffic ticket, and will simply be required to pay a fine upon conviction.

If you are driving and are fully aware your license is suspended then you will most likely face a class B misdemeanor. This will be the case if you have a previous conviction for driving on suspended license, have been convicted of DWI, and others. Penalties in these cases are much stricter and can involve possible jail time, your license suspension period being doubled, and other consequences. You may also be facing a class B misdemeanor if you fail to surrender your license when it is suspended by the state.

There are options open to help you defend yourself against this type of charge. At The Goolsby Law Firm attorney Mike Goolsby is fully conversant with all the possible defenses you can make. In many cases a skilled attorney could help you get your charges reduced from class B to class C or occasionally dropped completely. Criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby fully believes the state must be made to prove its case against you to the fullest extent possible. He will explore any avenue possible to defend you against this type of conviction.

The major consequence you may find yourself facing if you are stopped and arrested for driving on suspended license is the cost. You will be required to pay fines, have your vehicle towed and impounded, and be subject to a surcharge on your registration for a period, this can quickly build to a substantial financial burden upon you.

Driving on suspended license can have very serious consequences in Texas. If you have been accused of this particular offense in the Carrollton area should contact Goolsby law firm to arrange a free consultation to discuss your situation. Call today, complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.