Carrollton Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

The unique aspect of sex crimes accusations are the potential damaging effects they can have on you even in you are subsequently found to be innocent. If you are accused of a sex crime in Texas then your situation is extremely serious. Even an accusation can damage your reputation and standing in society often permanently. It is essential that you defend yourself vigorously.

In the North Texas or Carrollton area experienced sex crime defense lawyer Mike Goolsby can help you. With two decades of experience, and with extensive expertise and knowledge he can build the strongest defense possible if you are facing any type of allegation of this nature.

There are many different types of sex crime you could find yourself being accused of. These include rape (aggravated sexual assault), solicitation, prostitution, possession or distribution of child pornography, sexual assault, public lewdness, indecent exposure, and others. Your situation is particularly serious as a conviction will require you to be placed on the sex offenders register, this will be a requirement that will affect your life in many ways, and registration is often permanent.

There are many defenses you can offer against these type of sex crime allegations. For example, in the area of Internet sex crimes matters of police misconduct will be fully investigated. Were you entrapped? Was a law enforcement official posing as a child in a chat room for example? Was an image found on your computer that was there without your knowledge? Did other people have access to your computer equipment? Or is your computer infected with malicious software or a virus that placed evidence there without your knowledge? All of these and the evidence collected against you will be thoroughly investigated to build to the best defense possible get you the outcome you desire.

Sex crimes require expert witness support, forensic investigation, and many other technical aspects. At The Goolsby Law Firm we have the assets and contacts required to make sure this happens in your case. In addition to this, sex crime allegations need sensitive handling regarding matters of public relations and the press. Sex crime defense lawyer Mike Goolsby understands that without careful handling it is possible to be demonized and your reputation tarnished by public opinion and press reports. This will mean that it will be almost impossible to get fair treatment in the court room.

If you have been accused of Internet sex crime for any other type of sex crimes in the Carrollton area you should contact Goolsby law firm today. Arrange a free and confidential consultation to discuss your situation. You can be assured of sensitive and professional treatment at all times.