Carrollton Resisting Arrest Lawyer

A charge of resisting arrest will very seldom stand-alone, as the very fact you were being arrested in the first place means there is already a criminal accusation against you. It is a quite natural response when someone tries to place you under arrest to try to stop this happening. However, if you are not careful and use excessive force you could easily find yourself being charged with resisting arrest. Do not underestimate the seriousness of this charge, as it can often be used as evidence against you to help with the conviction on some other charge you are facing.

In the North Texas or Carrollton area if you are facing a charge of resisting arrest or other criminal accusation against you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm for help. Criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has two decades of experience, and as a former trial attorney with the district attorney’s office knows exactly how the criminal court system works in this area. Mike Goolsby is extremely familiar with the charge of resisting arrest and defenses that you can use against it.

A charge of resisting arrest can often be a pointer to possible police misconduct or misuse of force issues. Your arrest will be very carefully investigated, and any wrongdoing by the police and the legality of the arrest in the first place will be carefully looked into. By carefully investigating all the evidence collected at The Goolsby Law Firm we will strive to build the best possible defense for you to get you the outcome you desire.

You should remember that if questioned by the police you are entitled to have your attorney present. Do not be tempted to rely on an overworked public defender that will have many other cases to deal with as well as your own. Attorney Mike Goolsby can be with you during this interview process, and can often influence the seriousness of the charges against you or even if charges are brought in the first place. You should do everything you can to protect your lifestyle and liberty by calling The Goolsby Law Firm the moment you are arrested.

The state must be made to prove any accusations they make against you to the fullest extent possible. A charge of resisting arrest can often be difficult to prove, the state must show that actual physical force was used to prevent police officers performing their duties. This can include excessive struggling, resisting handcuffs being put on you, striking out violently, attempting to prevent yourself being placed in a cell or a police car, and other similar actions. In certain cases there may also be charges of assault linked to a resisting arrest accusation if you caused injury to anyone at the time.

Regardless of how serious you feel situation to be you should vigorously defend any accusations of resisting arrest. In the Carrollton area contact The Goolsby Law Firm immediately. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your situation and the defense options open to you. Confidentiality and complete discretion is assured at all times.