Carrollton Interfering with Emergency Call Lawyer

If you have been charged with the offense of interfering with emergency call you should take your situation very seriously, as this offense is treated harshly in Texas. To achieve a conviction the state will need to show that you prevented another person placing an emergency call by damaging the telephone equipment or physically obstructing them. This crime is usually a class A misdemeanor, and this level of offense will see you facing very stiff penalties indeed.

The definition of this law states that it is a criminal offense to make a phone unusable that could be needed to request assistance from the police, medical agencies, or other organization responsible for public safety. An emergency is defined as a specific incident that could result in an individual being fearful of possible assault, or property is in danger of destruction or damage.

If you have been charged with interfering with emergency call in the Carrollton area the best people to call for assistance are The Goolsby Law Firm. With two decades of experience and as a former trial attorney with the district attorney’s office Mike Goolsby is the best person to have on your side if facing this or any other criminal matter. He understands complexities and seriousness of this charge and can inform you of the potential defenses you can use to counter it.

Class A misdemeanors can see you facing two years probation or a year in jail and a fine of up to $4000. If you are found guilty then your life will be seriously affected for a considerable time. Having a criminal record can prevent you from getting employment, owning a gun, renting property, getting finance, and it will be available to be viewed by potential business partners or employers.

An allegation is never the end of the road, criminal defense attorney Mike Goolsby firmly believes that the state must be made to prove any allegation it makes against you to the fullest extent possible. This charge in particular can be very tricky to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Many options can be used to defend yourself against this type of accusation. It has to be shown that you knowingly interfered with the person attempting to place a 911 emergency call, examples of this are threatening then in someway, physically preventing them, or attempting bodily harm, and all of these can often be problematic for prosecution attorneys to demonstrate successfully.

If you or a loved one has been charged with interfering with an emergency call in North Texas or Carrollton area contact The Goolsby Law Firm. No matter how trivial or serious you feel your situation to be any type of criminal conviction can see you facing some severe consequences. Call today to arrange a completely free initial consultation to discuss your case and the legal options open to you. Complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.