Carrollton Federal Defense Lawyer

When facing any type of criminal accusation you may be unsure of the best path to take. In any sort of criminal situation you could be charged in state court or federal court. If you are to be charged in federal court then you are facing a particularly serious problem. Generally, federal courts tend to hand out longer prison terms and more life changing consequences than their state counterparts.

One important thing to get right if you are facing charges in federal court is your criminal defense lawyer. Not all attorneys specialize in federal law, or are equipped to defend you in federal court. In the North Texas and Carrollton area the best action you can take is to call The Goolsby Law Firm. With two decades of experience and as a former trial attorney with the district attorney’s office criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby has extensive courtroom knowledge that he will use to help you if you are facing charges of committing a federal crime.

In federal court the penalties are much more severe in general. An accusation in state court may see you being placed on probation, a similar crime in federal court can see you facing considerable time in prison. One of the main reasons for this is that federal court judges are bound by federal sentencing guidelines that outline sentences for various crimes and sometimes mandatory minimum sentences. These give federal court judges very little leeway to show leniency.

Federal crimes are ones that have been made illegal by federal government legislation, or ones that have been committed on federal property, or have been investigated by a federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, IRS, etc. Generally, if the crime of which you are accused took place in a government building, or an airport, or US post office, and others, or if your crime entails crossing state lines, you will be facing prosecution in federal court.

You should be aware if you are in federal court the major difference is you are not simply facing the local powers. Instead, you are facing the power of the United States government. Federal prosecutors and federal court judges are a whole different ballgame when compared to their state counterparts. State court judges are subject to reelection periodically, federal court judges are appointed for life by the President of the United States and face no such problems. The whole system is geared to achieve convictions, and many tactics that may work in a state court will not work in this environment.

If you are facing charges in federal court you need to get a criminal defense attorney that is experienced with and specializes in federal law and federal court procedures. In the Carrollton area you should contact The Goolsby Law Firm and criminal defense lawyer Mike Goolsby. Call today to arrange a completely free consultation to discuss your situation and the options open to you. Complete discretion and confidentiality is assured at all times.